Tackling climate change Invest in green tech

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan needs to make fundamental changes in production and consumption

patterns and the services sector to tackle climate issues and vulnerabilities, says Climate Change

Minister Zahid Hamid.

All sections of society including government departments, the private sector and individuals

must play their part in bringing about this transformation to sustainable consumption and

production patterns, which is an essential requirement of

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Tackling climate change through livestock

Agriculture sector contributes 10-12 per cent of total GHG emissions from human activities directly. Additional indirect emissions that can be attributed to agriculture arise from fertilizer production, clearing of forest land and the use of fossil fuels in farm operations, storage and transport. Emissions directly associated with animal production have increased by about 1.1 per cent per year since 2000, linked to a steady growth in demand for animal products.

At the same time, the

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Experts call for tackling global warming thru REDD+

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan is losing its forest cover at an alarming pace, at a time when the developing world has re-grown its lost stock, expert have said during a recently held seminar at the SDPI in Islamabad.
Experts at the event "Tackling Global Warming through REDD+"said both poverty and ignorance are adding to the problem; forests play a vital role in preserving eco-system, which is the nature way of reducing Green House gases. Forest cover is alarmingly low in

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Tackling food insecurity

Pakistan, despite being an agrarian country and having availability of enough food, is gradually facing the dilemma that is lack of access food mainly due to the income inequality and sharp education disparities. Majority of the agriculture community is small farmers and they need special care of policy makers in terms of official policies and protection of their interests. Official data shows that half of the population in the country is food insecure, and physical food availability is on

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Heading towards tackling climate change

Climate change’ is a hot topic around the world. We hear its debates and may have also been unknowingly affected by it at some point of our lives. Some say it’s a myth but most say it’s real. So what is it? And more importantly what are we doing to control it?
Climate change is a significant time variation in weather patterns occurring over periods ranging from decades to millions of years. Climate change is caused by increased greenhouse effect which in turn causes global

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Experts stress tackling food, environment issues

STAFF REPORT FSD: The world population has increased 15 per cent more than available land and natural resources per person while Pakistan’s population has increased three times and is deteriorating the environment and causing new challenges of food and water security amid climate changes.

Speakers said this at an international seminar on Integrated Flood Management was arranged by Water Management Research Centre in the city.

UAF Vice Chancellor Dr. Iqrar Ahmad, who chaired the

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S. Asian states for tackling environmental issues

STAFF REPORT IBD: The economies of South Asian countries are growing at a rapid rate, but they are also facing severe common environmental problems, which, however, can be tackled effectively only through unhampered collaboration and cooperation at the regional level.

These views were expressed by experts at the recently three-day 13th meeting of the Governing Council of SACEP in Islamabad.

"Strengthened regional efforts need to focus on a range of response options and

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Tackling the fallout of Bt Cotton

The observation that BT Cotton sowing area especially in Punjab is regularly on the rise at the cost of wheat and sugarcane mainly due to the longer germination period of this variety of cotton is something that must not going unnoticed on the part of the agriculture managers as this factor would trigger to much extent the food security issue in the country which is already experiencing a critical situation in terms of severe water shortage for agriculture purposes and low yields. The government

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