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In Pakistan, the Science & technology sector often remains overlooked, lacking attention both at the government and public levels. In the absence of dedicated media addressing these issues, Technology Times emerged as the pioneering science and technology newspaper, filling a crucial void.

Technology Times is Pakistan’s first and only newspaper devoted to Science and Technology (S&T), aiming to boost public understanding of these critical domains. We recognize that knowledge, especially in science and technology, drives national and global economic well-being. Our mission is to disseminate S&T information, showcase Pakistani scientists and technopreneurs, and foster academia-industry connections.

Technology Times goes beyond limitations, covering the entire spectrum of Pakistan’s scientific and technological development, from Information Technology and Telecom to Agriculture, Environment, Energy, and STEM Higher Education. Launched on January 4, 2010, both in print and online, it continues to play a crucial role in communicating compelling issues at the forefront of science and technology in Pakistan.

Our objectives

The three main objectives of weekly newspaper Technology Times are (1) to disseminate information among masses; (2) projection of Pakistani scientists and technopreneurs; and (3) development of academia industrial liaisons.

Our focus

Every issue of Technology Times comes packed with technology news, reviews, interviews and comprehensive features mainly in Agriculture; Climate Change and Environment; Information Technology and Telecommunication; Energy especially Renewable Energy; and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Higher Education, but this is not the limit.

Our team

We are a team of high esteemed professionals, who have vast experience in their relevant fields, and collectively working for popularization of science and technology in Pakistan. Our team’s portfolio is as under:

Chief Executive Editor: Sayyed Paras Ali

Executive Editor: A. M. Zaidi

Non-Executive Editor: Dr. Syed Javaid Khurshid

Chief Editor: Hina Baloch

Chief Web Editor: S. Shozib Abbas

Chief Contributing Editor: Rosheen Javed

Our Audience/ Readership

Technology Times strategically taps into the expertise of executives and decision-makers, individuals well-versed in the scientific and technological challenges that demand attention. This unique insight drives the essential technology reporting and ensures the delivery of pertinent answers. What sets Technology Times apart is the commitment to fulfilling the crucial need for informed discourse, setting it apart from other publications. Distributed free of charge to a vast audience, including decision-makers and policy influencers across both public and private sectors, Technology Times continues to expand its reach with a weekly email circulation that grows by thousands every Monday morning for the e-paper.

Technology Times reaches over 150 cities in Pakistan, distributing widely to organizations, institutions, universities, research organizations, and academies. Through our Campus Correspondent (C2) network, we are actively engaged with over 110 universities, receiving regular contributions from their representatives.

Complementing our print publication, the website www.technologytimes.pk serves as an ideal companion. Hosting a comprehensive database of past issues, it offers an interactive platform for connecting with the dynamic and diverse technical community across the country.

Our Projects

    • TechnologyTimes.pk
    • TechTV.pk
    • TechFriends
    • TechRadio
    • TechWire