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Additional Questions

Q: I have submitted my article. What should I do now?

A: Refer to “Notifications after submission” in Submit Article section


Q: I have registered but my articles do not appear on my profile.

A: Since your articles have been created by the default account, you need to send us all your articles so that we may link your account with it.

First, search for your name in the article search box. Try different combinations of your name so you can get all your articles.
For example, for a name “Zia”, search for Zia in the search box.

Select articles written by you from the search results. Open each article separately.
For example, after searching Zia, you will get multiple articles. Some of them might belong to you and some not. Open all those that belong to you.


Q: Why am I writing my content in a defined pattern?

A: Content writing using predefined styles and formats is a part of training. It gives you a unique content writing experience; further allowing you to get the maximum attention of your readers. Your readers become more interested when they see that the writing looks beautiful and its content is unique as well. This helps you in getting more readers.


Use the Contact Us form to reach us. Paste all the article links in the body and set the subject to “Link my articles”. Write your username in the “name” box and type in your email address. Then press send.
Alternatively, you can send us all the relevant article names to with the subject “Link my articles”

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