How to Submit

submit article How to Submit Article: Article submission is always welcome at Technology Times. We always encourage people to write for others to get knowledge from them. Click on each of the following steps to know more on “How to Submit”:

  1. Prepare your article for submission
  2. Create an account at (Skip this step if you already have an account)
  3. Login using your username and password or request forgotten password if you need a new one
  4. Prepare your profile for your readers to see
  5. Submit article through your profile

After step 5, Technology Times team takes care of the rest. We go through a rigorous process to check your article for any errors and mistakes. We also check the overall context of the article.

The team does not read your article matter fully. But it does take into account, the context of your article. Write good content to ensure your readers stay happy and motivated.

For any more help, you can check the Help section.