Prepare your article submission

article submissionPrepare your article submission

We know you have written a very good article and you want the world to know of your thoughts and innovations. We are here to help you in reaching a good audience and getting the most out of your great writing.

While writing the article, you must keep the following points in mind:

  • It is recommended that your article be of more than 900 words. If its not, there’s a slight chance for its rejection
  • Your article must be relevant to Science and Technology
  • Any article related to Pakistan about Science and Technology will be preferred

If your article agrees to the above statements, check out the Article Format Pattern to give a neat look to your writing. It is necessary for you to give a proper format to your article.

The final sub-step is to validate your article via content analysis. Follow the steps below to fully prepare your article:

  1. Open Yoast Real-time Content Analyser (We use this to determine the skill level of your writing)
  2. Make sure that there are mostly green signals for your article SEO and Readability (To understand this, read the manual for reaching a good audience to know more)

Once you have completed the above steps, Now is the time to create an account.