Sayyed Ali Mustafa Zaidi Paras

Sayyed Ali Mustafa Zaidi Paras

Sayyed Ali Mustafa Zaidi Paras, currently based in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia, can be contacted via email at or directly at +60182086849. He is also available on LinkedIn at

With an extensive career spanning over three decades, Sayyed Ali Mustafa Zaidi Paras has expertise in science communication, journalism, and leadership. Currently holding a crucial position as an Editorial Board Member at ‘COMSTECH Journal of Science Communication and Diplomacy (COMSTECH-JSCD)’, he plays a pivotal role in connecting scientists from OIC countries and advancing the field of science communication and diplomacy. His responsibilities include navigating the intersection between scientific and foreign policy communities to facilitate collaborative efforts that benefit nations and contribute to global scientific progress.

Additionally, Sayyed Ali Mustafa Zaidi Paras serves as a ‘Permanent Member of the COMSTECH Science Communication Advisory Committee’, actively contributing strategic guidance and expertise in science communication within the OIC states.

In his role as a ‘Senior Analyst’ at the Chinese Media Group, he serves as a science and technology expert, providing insights on the radio program ‘HamQadam’ at Dosti Radio FM98. Over his tenure, he has contributed to more than 500 radio programs, immersing himself in China’s advancements in science and technology.

Since 2009, Sayyed Ali Mustafa Zaidi Paras has been at the helm of Technology Times, MediaVentures as its ‘President’, leading the organization with a hands-on approach and strategic vision. Operating virtually since October 2022, this venture has become a premier source for science and technology-related content.

Furthermore, as the Chief Executive Officer at TechTV.Pk, he shaped the channel’s strategic vision, curated diverse content, and established a platform for exceptional performers in science & technology.

His educational background includes a Master of Science in Environmental Science from the International Islamic University, Islamabad, a Master’s degree in Disaster Risk Management from Preston University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science/Media Studies from Karachi University, among others.

Skills in team management, communication, branding, and identity, coupled with a commitment to environmental science and science communication, have earned Sayyed Ali Mustafa Zaidi Paras notable honors and awards, including the Associate of the Mercury Initial Assessment from the Government of Pakistan and the Science Popularization Award from the Pakistan Science Foundation.

Some of his selectively recently written articles are as follows:

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