A Snapshot of Pakistan's Smartphone Market: Top 10 Brands In September 2023

In Pakistan, like many other countries, the smartphone market is highly competitive, with numerous brands vying for consumers’ attention.

A Snapshot of Pakistan's Smartphone Market: Top 10 Brands In September 2023

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, offering a myriad of features and services that extend beyond traditional calling and texting. In Pakistan, like many other countries, the smartphone market is highly competitive, with numerous brands vying for consumers’ attention.

To gain insight into the current smartphone market share in Pakistan, we turn to data from a reliable source—Nayatel, a prominent internet service provider in the country. This data, based on a 15-day average from approximately 100,000 home WiFi internet users, provides a comprehensive snapshot of the smartphone landscape in September 2023. Let’s delve into the top 10 smartphone brands dominating the Pakistani market.

  1. Samsung (33.01%)

Samsung leads the pack with a commanding 33.01% market share, making it the most popular smartphone brand in Pakistan. Known for its wide range of offerings, from affordable options to premium flagship devices, Samsung has earned the trust of Pakistani consumers.

  1. OPPO (16.38%)

In second place, we have OPPO with a significant 16.38% market share. OPPO’s focus on camera technology and stylish designs has resonated with Pakistani consumers, contributing to its strong presence in the market.

  1. VIVO (14.12%)

VIVO takes the third spot with a 14.12% market share. Known for its innovative features and sleek designs, VIVO continues to attract users who prioritize performance and style.

  1. Huawei (11.40%)

Despite facing challenges in the global market, Huawei still maintains a substantial 11.40% market share in Pakistan. The brand’s commitment to technology and value for money keeps it relevant to many consumers.

  1. Xiaomi/Redmi (11.35%)

Xiaomi, along with its sub-brand Redmi, secures the fifth position with an 11.35% market share. Xiaomi’s reputation for offering feature-packed devices at competitive prices has made it a popular choice among Pakistani smartphone users.

  1. Infinix (4.20%)

Infinix stands at sixth place with a 4.20% market share. Known for its budget-friendly options and long-lasting battery life, Infinix caters to cost-conscious consumers.

  1. Apple (2.98%)

Apple’s premium devices earn it a 2.98% market share in Pakistan. While Apple devices tend to be more expensive, the brand’s loyal fanbase and commitment to quality ensure a consistent presence in the market.

  1. Techno (2.14%)

Techno, with a 2.14% market share, offers budget-friendly smartphones that cater to a cost-conscious segment of the market. The brand’s consistent performance and value for money are reflected in its market share.

  1. OnePlus (1.90%)

OnePlus secures the ninth position with a 1.90% market share. Known for its high-performance flagship devices, OnePlus appeals to tech enthusiasts who seek a premium smartphone experience.

  1. Others (1.89%)

The ‘Others’ category collectively represents a 1.89% market share, indicating the presence of several smaller brands and lesser-known options in the Pakistani market.

  1. Google (0.64%)

Google’s Pixel devices have a niche presence in Pakistan, holding a 0.64% market share. The brand’s clean software experience and camera capabilities make it a preferred choice for some users.

Dominance of Chinese Smartphone Brands in Pakistan

Several factors contribute to the dominance of Chinese smartphone brands in the Pakistani market, including:


Chinese smartphone brands offer a wide range of smartphones at various price points, making them accessible to a broader segment of the Pakistani population. This affordability is particularly appealing in a price-sensitive market like Pakistan.

Value for money

Chinese smartphone brands often pack their devices with features and specifications that are typically found in more expensive models from other brands. This value proposition makes them attractive to consumers seeking a balance between price and performance.

Marketing and branding

Chinese smartphone brands have invested heavily in marketing and branding campaigns in Pakistan, effectively reaching a large audience and building brand recognition. This marketing effort has helped to establish a positive perception of Chinese brands among Pakistani consumers.

Focus on local needs and preferences

Chinese smartphone brands have shown a commitment to understanding and catering to the specific needs and preferences of Pakistani consumers. This includes factors such as language support, software customization, and compatibility with local network bands.

Strong distribution networks

Chinese smartphone brands have established strong distribution networks across Pakistan, ensuring that their products are widely available and accessible to consumers in both urban and rural areas.

After-sales support

Chinese smartphone brands have invested in building efficient after-sales support networks in Pakistan, providing customers with easy access to repairs and warranty services. This focus on customer service has helped to build trust and loyalty among Pakistani consumers.

Partnerships with local retailers

Chinese smartphone brands have formed partnerships with local retailers and mobile operators, further expanding their reach and accessibility in the Pakistani market.

Adaptability to local market conditions

Chinese smartphone brands have demonstrated adaptability to the unique market conditions in Pakistan, such as fluctuating currency exchange rates and import restrictions.

Investment in research and development

Chinese smartphone brands have made significant investments in research and development, leading to continuous innovation and improvement in their products. This commitment to innovation has helped them stay ahead of the competition in Pakistan.

Targeting young consumers

Chinese smartphone brands have effectively targeted young Pakistani consumers, who are increasingly tech-savvy and price-conscious. This focus on the youth demographic has been a key factor in their growing market share.


The smartphone market in Pakistan is vibrant and diverse, offering a wide range of choices to consumers with varying preferences and budgets. Samsung’s strong lead in market share signifies its continued popularity, while the presence of various Chinese smartphone brands like OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi/Redmi, and Huawei highlights the strong influence of Chinese manufacturers in the country.

With brands like Apple and Google catering to premium and niche segments, the Pakistani smartphone market accommodates a diverse array of consumer needs. As technology continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how these market shares shift and adapt to new trends and consumer demands.

The dominance of Chinese smartphone brands in the Pakistani market is attributed to a combination of factors, including affordability, value for money, effective marketing, local market focus, strong distribution networks, after-sales support, partnerships with local retailers, adaptability to local market conditions, investment in research and development, and targeting young consumers. These factors have enabled Chinese brands to gain a significant edge over their competitors in the Pakistani market.