STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan is losing its forest cover at an alarming pace, at a time when the developing world has re-grown its lost stock, expert have said during a recently held seminar at the SDPI in Islamabad.

Experts at the event “Tackling Global Warming through REDD+”said both poverty and ignorance are adding to the problem; forests play a vital role in preserving eco-system, which is the nature way of reducing Green House gases. Forest cover is alarmingly low in Pakistan and existence of timber mafia further aggravates the situation.

“Pakistan has undergone massive environmental degradation and human activity is putting pressure on natural resources. Whereas, the developed world has succeeded in planting new forests and that is how they have made up for the previous losses, incurred during their early phase of development,” said Ambassador ®Shafqat Kakakhek on the occasion.

Inspector General Forests, Syed Mahmood Nasir, said that the programme can be implemented in the country in three phases, the first phases is the Preparatory phase, which will graduate to pilot test phase and develop a carbon trading scheme, as final product.

In his remarks, senior researcher at SDPI, Kashif Salik Majeed advised that Pakistan should buckle up institutional capacity to handle mass migration resulting from forest degradation.

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