STAFF REPORT IBD: The economies of South Asian countries are growing at a rapid rate, but they are also facing severe common environmental problems, which, however, can be tackled effectively only through unhampered collaboration and cooperation at the regional level.

These views were expressed by experts at the recently three-day 13th meeting of the Governing Council of SACEP in Islamabad.

“Strengthened regional efforts need to focus on a range of response options and instruments to address these challenges of environemtnal degradation and climate change-induced disasters, such as floods that are common problem of the South Asia region,” said Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Zahid Hamid, on the occasion.

However, regional partners need to emphasize the realization for increasing responsibilities and greater cooperative efforts by all stakeholders, he said.

Director-General of the SACEP, S.M.D.P. Anura Jayatilake, said that the SACEP is the first inter-governmental forum in the world. Where all South Asian countries come together to support SACEP initiatives and programmes during 30 years of its existence since 1981.

Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, India, Shri Anand Singh Khaki, in his address said that SACEP and SASP have got immense progress.

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