Korea keen to help Pakistan tackle climate change, environmental degradation

Press Release: Federal Minister for Climate Change, Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan and Korean Minister for Environment, Yoon Seongkyu, have pledged to boost cooperation in environment, pollution, climate change adaptation and mitigation, renewable energy, water management,flood risk mitigation, hazardous waste management, and climate-resilient infrastructure construction.

Both ministers met in Daegu city of South Korea on April 15 on the sidelines of the week-long 7thWorld Water Forum that

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Experts to be united to tackle environment issues

STAFF REPORT ISB: The government is going to bring together highly-qualified environmental and climate change experts, scientists, and researchers of the country on one platform and utilize their expertise for tackling environmental issues, boosting country’s climate resilience and achieving sustainable development goals for country’s overall socio-economic development.

"Youth and women, who are actively playing their part for raising awareness about environmental issues,

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Scientists urged for more research to tackle floods

STAFF REPORT FSD: FAISALABAD: In the wake of devastating floods across the country, that have caused billions of rupees loss to properties as well as wide agriculture lands in addition to human losses, scientists, policymakers and others have been urged to speed up their efforts to tackle the climate changes to mitigate the negative impacts of climate changes.
"The country is passing through difficult times as the floods had played havoc with the lives of the people and crops,&

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IDRC, UK research consortia to tackle adaptation issues

MONITORING REPORT ISB: Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) have announced the Asian institutions that would be part of four new multi-partner research consortia for tackling the impacts of climate change in Africa and Asia.
Funded under the Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA) programme, a seven-year, CAD 70 million research initiative, the consortia takes a fresh

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10 initiatives set out to tackle climate change

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Climate Change Division (CCD) has set out 10 project initiatives to move forward on delivering the National Climate Change Policy.

A report titled "Work Programme for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Pakistan: Priority Actions" has recently been launched at the Planning Commission to implement the projects in partnership with LEAD Pakistan. The CDKN is funding the initiatives to help the government cope with climate change issues, thus

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Need to tackle climate change impacts

Negative impacts of climate change and degrading environment have emerged as a burning issue for the third world countries especially Pakistan. Estimates show that climate change is inflicting billions of dollars of accumulative annual losses on Pakistan in different shapes. The country’s geographical location, high levels of pollution, low technological and resource base, high internal variability, changing rainfall pattern and extreme weather changes have contributed to the climate change

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Effective policy needed to tackle climate change

STAFF REPORT FSD: "Pakistan is among the countries worst hit by global climate change due to which glaciers have started melting causing floods, and destruction. The govt needs to formulate an effective policy and ensure its strict implementation to get tangible results.

These views were expressed by speakers during a seminar recently organised by the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.

Chairing the inaugural session of the seminar Climate Changes: Adaption Strategies to

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Experts for more coop to tackle climate change

STAFF REPORT IBD: Climate change and its impact on biodiversity is a burning issue the world over and being taken seriously at the UN and other world forums. The efforts for strengthening science and technology cooperation among the ECO countries must be strengthened to protect the globe from the negative impacts of the climate change.

These views were expressed by scientists/experts at a recently held two-day consultation meeting of experts on climate change and biodiversity. The

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Mitigation, adaptation must to tackle climate change impacts

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is highly vulnerable to extreme negative impacts of climate change in shape of rising temperatures, unscheduled rains as well as floods, land erosion, dwindling agriculture yields, degradation in environment, and the Climate Change Division and its attached departments need to play their part for checking environmental degradation, checking pollution and achieving sustainable development in the country.Pakistan presently is signatory to different international

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Capacity building stressed to tackle glacial lakes floods

STAFF REPORT PSR: Natural scientists and environmentalists say that communities’ involvement can mitigate the negative effects of glacial lake outburst floods in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s higher regions, preventing loss of lives and properties.At an orientation workshop of a newly-launched project, they said that the human and technical capacity building of the provincial public sector institutions dealing with climate change would enable them to understand and take measures for the prevention of

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