Pakistan’s strategy to tackle Climate change

Pakistan’s strategy to commence on climate change, climate change is such an immense concern and we all have to work collectively to address it.

Pakistan’s strategy to tackle Climate change

Climate change is an observable fact that Pakistanis live with and there are a lot of things to share with the world on Pakistan’s efforts in climate change diminution and its impact on the country.

The Katowice Climate Conference is going to be a appall challenge whereas Pakistan has its work-plan to pass on the world about its efforts in extenuating climate change effects.

Road to Katowice setting Pakistan’s Agenda for Climate consultation COP-24 organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Pakistan is spending 8 per cent of its GDP on climate change diminution projects.

Pakistan has lost its 60 per cent wildlife species due to climate change impacts according to the fiction of World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Living Planet. In this regard, Pakistan requires having an ordinary strategy at the large-scale.

The victorious million tree tsunami, now bowed into billion tree tsunami across the country, and indigenous renewable energy projects have been cherished by international donors who remarked those efforts as Pakistan is spending its own resources to cope with the climate change impacts.

Pakistan is not among the biggest polluters and contributors to climate change but it is directly facing the global environmental impact. Increase in global warming would have serious impacts on the countries like Pakistan. It might cause sea level rise, astonishing monsoon rainfall, food insecurity and many other disasters.

Pakistan has got two projects each for climate change adaptation and mitigation whereas the Green Climate Fund (GCF) is easy to get through international forums as its National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) has got international endorsement.

Pakistan has the right projects for climate change alleviation with project cycle (PC-1) approved and on board it will be easy to get funds from donors for the purpose. Pakistan needs to focus on right projects and strategy frameworks to stipulate its share for finance of climate change projects.

The importance of climate change among youth in Pakistan need awareness and persuade them to take part in activities concerning to climate change .The involvement of youth will be a very positive step in meeting the challenge of climate change in Pakistan.