Challenges to Science, what don’t we know

Science is all around us and the most important topic of study in the world. The fact we exist and the progression of reading this article is all about Science. Science plays a dynamic role in our day to day life with the advancement of technology. Let us elaborate more to understand what basically “Science Is”, the food we enjoy, water we drink, clothes we wear, things we can see and those we can’t, events that make us amaze and terrify us and much more these all terminologies based on a very simple and soothing one word “Science” now its easy to perceive that science is everywhere. Science is a massive term and a large number of questions and curiosity arose and the solution to those alarming questions is Science – an answer – knowledge we get when ask questions.

Moving towards the vital role of science all-inclusive and in Pakistan. Science plays a vibrant character in our health, safety, environment, economy and in government sectors. Developments in the domain of science profoundly varying the way people live communicate and accomplish, with intense effects on economic development.

To promote advance knowledge of science from dream reality to applicability, developing countries should invest in quality education for youth, and continuous assistanceChallenges for researchers and organizations. Combining the S&T (Science and Technology) a nation can prosper from bottom to top as we all aware that S&T (Science and Technology) are key motorists to development, because technological and scientific revolutions fortify economic advances, improvements in health systems, education and infrastructure.

Science revolutionized vigorously and welcomes challenges to prevailing ideas and cherishes the budding of all of its people. Scientific ways of thinking and of re-evaluating help bolster the upcoming researchers. Keeping in mind all these there are many challenges to science in Pakistan which needs to be overwhelmed within the time.

We are discussing here few Challenges to Science in Pakistan.

The major challenge to science in Pakistan is “Science Literacy”. First of all, we must know what exactly a literacy or does it mean to be scientifically literate? Science Literacy purported the basic and advanced understanding of science concepts and is important because an increase in science knowledge would benefit the society.

In Pakistan a large number of science education problem exists which ultimately scared the young talented youth to further explore the areas of science. The problems of admittance, quality, infrastructure and inequality of opportunity, remain pervasive. Our education system needs upgradation to emit the skilled scientific persons.

The education system consists of all the institutions that are involved in delivering formal education and their faculties, students, physical infrastructure, resources and rules. In broader terms the institutions that are involved in finance, management, operation or regulation (government ministries and regulating bodies, central testing organizations, textbook boards and accreditation boards) also comprise the education system. The rules and regulations the direct the individual and institutional interactions also come under the umbrella of education system and required cognized architecture to bolster the science literacy.

The other challenge to science is the lack of precise science communication a wide-ranging communication gap exists between the scientific and the non-scientific community. The ultimate result is miscommunication of science. Researchers are somewhat responsible for this because non-scientific community is not aware of the researchers new research work.

Consequently, the public is mainly dependent on the media rather than the scientific slushes. The academic research is also responsible for poor communication of research. In an endeavor to grab attention, sometimes researchers, universities, and even journals deceive the public by touting the results or promoting only positive results. However, the science community should take the responsibility of prominent an accurate depiction of science to the non-scientific community.

Apprehending the science literacy and communication gap between scientific and non-scientific communal another challenge to science is Infrastructure that encompasses far-flung the identification of research primacies followed by besieged funding. Numerous key issues can be noted.

A pooled approach to research that addresses most or all of these issues will probably help to ensure a healthy infrastructure. Scientist and the upcoming researchers necessity is the funding of project. So the researchers openly reconnoiter the new immense areas of science to keep away all the directly or indirectly sectors from calamities.

Science an indispensable challenge to the sound development of scientific community, one which it is important to continue addressing in the future based on chronological and educated perspectives, while also maintaining a deep awareness of the needs of the times.

Many other Challenges to science are not discussed here but they have equivalent significance to notify the problem and come up with the good solutions to strengthen the science in every aspects of life. Science aspirants must need to propel to stimulate innovation and kindle interest for endorsement of science and creativity.


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