Over 300,000 olive saplings planted on 1260 acres

STAFF REPORT ISB: Over 80 percent work on the Olive Cultivation Project has been completed so far in the selected areas during past two and a half years, PARC Member Coordination and Monitoring and National Project Director Olive, Dr. Munir said.

"Plantation of 310,000 olive plants at an area of 1260 hectares has been completed so far and as per the project the plantation would be carried out on 1500 hectares of land in the selected area," he said while commenting on the

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Forest deficiency still a problem despite heavy saplings

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan is a forest-deficient country and only 5.2 per cent of the area is covered with forests. Although millions of saplings have been planted in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad this year, the country is still far from achieving an optimal percentage of its land covered by forests.
"The sapling needs care which can be provided with water and fertilizers," said a teacher at the Arid Agriculture University’s Department of Environmental Science

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