One of the world’s top flavor and fragrance companies is continuing its mission to make “life taste better” by introducing two proprietary new flavor enhancer technologies that produce more intense, authentic-tasting food and beverage products that optimize cost, improve quality and inspire versatility.

Two new technologies are being introduced by T. Hasegawa USA in order to produce products that taste truly authentic in the North American market.

Two new technologies are being introduced by T. Hasegawa USA, the American division of one of the top producers of food and beverage flavours, in order to produce products that taste truly authentic in the North American market. The flavours of nature are replicated by the flavour enhancers ChefAromaTM and HASEAROMATM.

The introduction of two new proprietary flavour enhancer technologies has enabled one of the top flavour and fragrance companies in the world to create more intense, authentic-tasting food and beverage products that are cost-effective, high-quality, and versatile.

This is in line with their mission to make life taste better by creating more intense, authentic-tasting food and beverage products that are cost-effective, high-quality, and versatile.

HASEAROMA is a proprietary technology that creates authentic sweet and savory flavors that reproduce the ‘first bite’ sensation of experiencing a food for the first time.

Tom Damiano, CEO of T. Hasegawa USA, said, “We are pleased to announce this breakthrough technology of HASEAROMA and ChefAroma as our latest product offerings.”

“At T. Hasegawa, new technologies serve as the cornerstone of our work, and we are dedicated to innovation by constantly enhancing, customising, and extending new technologies to produce more foods and beverages with more natural flavours.

Technologies like HASEAROMA and ChefAroma are revolutionary in enhancing the taste and experience of food and beverage products, in addition to demonstrating cost savings by speeding up the preparation process or reducing reliance on expensive ingredients.”

HASEAROMA’s unique process and technology enables a higher level of specificity than other compounded flavors. For example, it can reproduce the specific flavor profile of an Alphonso mango or Ataulfo mango, a white peach or Golden Jubilee peach, and a Clementine orange versus an American Navel orange.

This level of specificity and authenticity aims to elevate product development and stand out within the market.

The benefits of HASEAROMA are not limited to fruits and sweet flavors, but also include extensive applications in savory flavor development. T. Hasegawa can replicate the distinct depth of flavor achieved through cooking applications, such as refining an onion jam to taste caramelized.

Additionally, HASEAROMA can deliver flavor specificity in savory applications, such as differentiating between the flavor of chicken thigh or chicken breast versus chicken skin, without the use of any animal products.

Austin Luft, senior flavorist at T. Hasegawa USA, believes that savory flavor technology like HASEAROMA will help refine and replicate the authentic flavors of specific cuts and types of meats, such as chicken, duck and wagyu beef.

In order to add depth of flavour, a lasting mouthfeel, and an authentic aroma, HASEAROMA flavours are developed using a thorough sensory analysis process that isolates specific flavour molecules from foods and beverages.

It may take up to a year to complete, but the process yields flavours that are true to nature’s original intent. The applications team is searching for new savoury and sweet uses for HASEAROMA, including prepared meals, energy bars, soups, sports nutrition, and more.

T. Hasegawa has also unveiled ChefAroma, a new technology designed to deliver chef-inspired flavors in less time. It uses reaction flavor technology and real food ingredients like butter, onion and wine to add complexity and intensity to otherwise mundane foods.

It can be added as a base for soups and other dishes to instantly deliver the distinct taste of caramelized onions, saving restaurants time and money. To give re-heated ready-made frozen meals a flavour experience comparable to that of a restaurant, ChefAroma flavours can also be added.

ChefAroma offers cost optimisation and delivers consistent quality of flavour at scale in soup bases, glazes, broths, and condiments. It is available in four flavours: Wine Butter, French Onion, Butter Onion, and Mirepoix. T. Hasegawa originally created this innovative technology in Japan, and the U.S. subsidiary improved it for release in the Western market.

The extensive potential of ChefAroma in foodservice applications is still being realised, according to Luft. The ability to quickly create mother sauces with little preparation time and a higher level of flavour intensity, while also maximising cost, improving quality, and encouraging versatility, makes this technology extremely valuable to restaurant chefs.