Uses and benefits of essential oils

Essential oils are basically plant extracts. They are the mixture of organic compounds, made by streaming or passing various parts of plants like fruits leaves, bark and flower to capture the compounds that produce aroma.

By Muhammad Irfan, Andleeb Danish, Noor Ul Huda Fatima, Maha Fatima, Dr. Athar Mahmood

Essential oils are infusion of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon alcohol, aldehydes, esters, ethers, ketones, oxides, phenols and terpenes which may produce odors. They are colorless pleasant smelling liquid with high refractive index.


Ancient Egyptian have been used aromatic oils in cosmetics and ointments as early as 4500 BC. These oils are used in Egypt for mummification. Essentials oils were firstly recorded in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine between 200 and 300 BC. In Greek history essential oils uses for the first between 400 and 500 BC including cumin and peppermint. Essential oils such as lavender and myrrh and eucalyptus are still being use for medication purpose.

Uses and benefits of Essential oils

It is used as bactericidal, antifungal, antivirus, antioxidant, antimicrobial and insecticidal activity used as oral rectal and nasal application. Oils can improve athletic acts. Some of these are also used in treatment of anxiety, Depression, nausea, dry mouth, Insomnia and Low appetite.

Aromatherapy and Flavour

National association for Holistic aromatherapy (NAHA)’ give the defination of Aromatic oil the therapeutic or medicinal use of aromatic substances for holistic healing. These are most often used by inhealin them or by applying diluted form to the skin such as rosewater. For centuries the essential oils have found their importance as aroma with the curative potential on the body, mind and spirit. These aromatic molecules are very potent organic plant bio-chemicals molecules that makes the environment free from disease, bacteria, virus and fungus, their various character of anti-inflammatory nature along with immune booster body with hormonal glandular, emotional cisculatory claming effect, memory and alterness enhancer. They are classified as cosmetic aromatherapy, massage, medical aromatherapy, olfactory aromatherapy and psychoaromatherapy.


Pharmaecological actions of Essential oils

Oils used for antibacterial activity against gram negative and gram positive bacteria along with antifungal properties. They have some obvious results on Salmonella Staphylococci and other pathogens. They are good substitute for antibiotic if they used in proper way. Many efforts are made to overcome tumers. Anti-tumer mode of action of oil in cardamum has some prominent results to control cancerous cells. Due to anticholinesterase potential tree tea oils were used to hold head lice and dandroff and also overcome inflammatory action. Burgan and Broom tea plant oils shows strong spasmogenic spasmolytic activity respectively various extracts when tested on isolated rate ileum. Human health has encountered global threat in the form of Corona Virus disease 2019 (Covid-19). Unfortunately, established efficacy and inflammatory confirmations of SARS COVID2 faced short-listed availability of the approved drugs. Major ingredients of essential oils as effective medicine have been used in past in aromatherapy and psychotherapy. Recent Studies revealed that broad compass of Pharma ecological activities such as effective as spasmolytic, antiseptic anti diuretic hypermeric, choleretic, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer are present in essential oils. Monoterpenoids and plouypropanoids are peculiar ingrediants that are present in the essential oils regarding pharmacological properties. Further these properties. Epidemics such as the origin of antiviral agents for the cure of viral epidemics such as SARS- Corona Virus 2 humans. These antiviral essential oils have been found effective against the enveloped ‘RNA or DNA viruses herpes simplex virus type 1, Influenza virus and dengue virus type – 2 as well as non-enveloped such as Polio virus and adeno virus type 3.

Eucalyptus as an essential oil.

Oil is made from leaves of selected eucalyptus tree species. Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus Sideroxylon, Eucalyptus torquata). It is native to Australia Eucalyptus belongs to Mytaceae family is a long over green plant with height up to 250 feet. It is known as South Africa, up to one meter height also found and cultivated in in France, Italy, Spain, Central America, Egypt Japan and Congo a plant choice for essential oil. Eugenol, Geranic, Citronellol, Citronellyl Formate, Citral, Myrtenol Methone and Sabinene are chemical constituents of its essential oil. One of the best natural Perfume.

Eucalyptus Globulus Labill. Plantations play an important role in the pulp industry in Spain. About 500,000 hectares are currently planted with E. globulus (1% of the country’s area), which is 22% of Spain’s total timber production (López Arias 1992). Eucalyptus globulus is grown in two zones: Galicia (northwest of the Iberian Peninsula), temperate Atlantic climate and average rainfall of 1000 mm or more, and the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula, which has a photographic mediterranean climate, 500 mm of annual rainfall in the driest part place and average summer (June-September) rainfall is 32 mm. Although E.globulus is not well adapted to the harsh summer climate of the southwest, it is preferred over other eucalyptus trees. Species due to high fiber yield and fast growth. For this reason, the E. globulus breeding program was launched by Empresa Nacional de Celulosas (ENCE), Spain.

Eucalyptus Health benefits and Medicinal use

Treats wounds, control sugar, fights against skin diseases, good for dental care, eliminates intestinal worms and good for breathing system. A Study published in biomedical center (BMC) found that Eucalyptus oil not only shows antiseptic anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities but it has also immuno-regulatory effects. This can help to alter the immune response occurs when the body comes into contact with an allergen. Eucalyptus oil is one of most effective essential oil for cough because it do as an expectorant cleansing your body of the microorganisms and toxin that  are making you cough and feel lousy.

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