PK's Threat Of Climate Change Links With Socioeconomic Challenges

Time was, when man lived in close communion with nature, there was unique harmony and connection born of the valuable co-existence of man, animals, and plant lives.

PK's Threat Of Climate Change Links With Socioeconomic Challenges

Time was, when man lived in close communion with nature, there was unique harmony and connection born of the valuable co-existence of man, animals, and plant lives.

Life for none of these was a burden, then, they were content to breathe the pure air and enjoy the blessing of sunlight and pure water. As wished all beings lived simply so that others would simply live.

Life becomes unusually complex over the age as every successive generation ruthlessly exploits the resources of the universe. The only way we could tide over the crises is to restore the classics of our past renewing a fresh bond with nature and unconditionally loving the animals, plants, and the ecosystem.

Our mother earth has boundless reserves of care and affection for us, she is infinite patience. The forest forms the lungs of our planet, but we are hell-bent on damaging it. As heavily as we can, deforestation, soil degradation, desertification, acid rains and wildfires. The ruthless exploitation for our material gains when we pollute the air, the water, and the streams with the residues of our exploiting industry, we don’t even spare the sea.

Cruelty needs no definition, it is born the movement we ignore other living entities, every form of life is the work of the creator and has the part of the creators within it, Every life has its role, its own particularities, traits, specific role and purpose in the scheme of things, it is not just the catastrophic effect of climate change which slowly and painfully condemns many species to death, but also the human interference with them.

Man’s greedy moves of expansion leave no room for other creatures. Animals go hungry for years. Even as we lavish water and dump bulks of unused food every day. A man should know that he does not have complete dominion over plants and animals rather he should.

We must relate ourselves to them, we should honor and respect the sacredness of their lives and being, Man and nature interact dialectically in such a way that as society develops, man tends to become less dependent on nature directly, but what happens indirectly ? His dependence grows more. This “right relation” is vital for today if we see sincerely wish to save our planet, therefore cohort has come up with propagating the One Health concept.

Man’s unremarkable simple life gradually gives way to development and change.

Development of small technologies steadily gathered momentum and there was no way for him but to adapt life to the changes initiated with mechanization came abundant food production, Quantity replaces quality from villages men.

Moved to cities in the most favorable locations, the concentration of lives in the cities created a need for public administration and division of labor.

Gradually, however, people become increasingly dependent upon technologies and less dependent upon nature’s generosities inevitably the link was severed, at each step of cultural expansion, the natural/physical landscape was increasingly modified in the new habitations, and new diseases began to pose threats.

Every day thousands of children and adult die from under-diagnosed disease that has arisen at the human-environment interface, while zoonosis represents a significant emerging threat to public health, many of these diseases, arising from poor water sanitation, are being neglected.

The population is continuing to increase rapidly, while many vital resources such as energy, soil, and clean, safe water resources are depleting. Man has always killed animals for food, his relish for animal flesh has a long history but in the good old days, even killing had a kind of sanctity in contrast with our present practice.

The amazingly increasing number of animals slaughtered, the horrible conditions in which they are bred, and the tremendous inequalities in food distribution across the planet we are fortunate enough to have animals to feed us we can’t do without their meat, milk and eggs, don’t we give them at least a decent natural life as a token of gratitude ?

The purity and safety of our food are being increasingly scrutinized and questioned by the public, the food-borne illnesses are already a grave global problem. The application of the One Health model as a potential solution is viewed and delivered more holistically and emphasizes prevention, which is a compelling and timely strategy.

Health is the ability of an individual or a social group to continually modify oneself not only to further in the present but also to prepare for the future. Remember the earth is our home, nature, plants, and animals are just them, they are part of us, we are not the only inhabitations on the planet, neither plants nor animals were created with the sole purpose of being used by us, we co-exist in a common house as a harmonious community.