Due to the rise of food delivery services and, more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic, ghost kitchens have gained popularity on a global scale recently.


Ghost kitchens are commercial cooking facilities that function without a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant location. They are also referred to as virtual or cloud kitchens. The food is typically only prepared for delivery or takeout in these kitchens, which frequently house multiple brands or menus operating out of the same area.

Due to the rise of food delivery services and, more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic, ghost kitchens have gained popularity on a global scale recently.

Recently, we discovered one of Africa’s ghost kitchens, Pocketfood. Pocketfood.io, a recent entrant in the startup food delivery market, is poised to revolutionize the business landscape in Africa.

With an MVP launched in August 2022, Pocketfood is a rapidly expanding kitchen-as-a-service company that offers busy professionals and corporate entities convenient and affordable food subscriptions right from their ghost kitchens.

Omolara Olarerin, the CEO, revealed how difficult it was for her to find satisfying lunch options while working in a busy office setting. This is how Pocketfood was born. When she realised that many of her coworkers faced comparable difficulties, she developed the concept for a lunch subscription service that would offer a variety of healthy and delectable meals to busy businesspeople and office workers.

We want to relieve African office workers and busy professionals of the hassle of meal planning and grocery shopping while also encouraging a healthier work environment by offering them delicious and healthy lunch options.

According to CEO Omolara Olarerin. “For this reason, our team of skilled chefs from our kitchens creates delectable and seasonally appropriate meals, made with fresh ingredients, that cater to a wide range of dietary needs. We recognise the importance of a nutritious and satisfying lunch for overall well-being. Now that our menu is weekly-changing, there is always something fresh and intriguing to try.”

Since its debut, the business has expanded its staff to include Oluwabunmi Balogun as its growth marketing manager and Arogundade Shina as COO, and user feedback has been incredibly engaging. Currently, Pocketfood delivers over 4,000 meals and works with an average of 50 users per month.

It’s impressive that most of the traction so far has come from word-of-mouth advertising at first, before the community began to grow to include coworking spaces in Lagos, Nigeria. In the next five years, Pocketfood wants to dominate the food delivery market, serving tens of thousands of customers each day across numerous cities and nations.

Our objective is to become the go-to resource for working professionals in need of tasty, practical, and healthy lunch options.

Utilizing technology and data to better understand and serve our customers’ needs, we strive to continuously improve our offerings and deliver an excellent customer experience. To make lunch even easier for busy professionals, we also intend to broaden our product offering and provide more meal-related services.

Overall, as Omolara mentioned, our goal for Pocketfood is to become a reputable and well-liked brand in the meal delivery industry by providing unbeatable value and convenience to our customers.

With Pocketfood, there’s no need to waste time considering what to eat for lunch or stressing out about where to eat. By bringing the flavour of a fantastic kitchen to your office, the lunch delivery service gives you more time for work and leisure.

A week’s worth of delicious, healthy, and convenient meals can be had for just N8,000 thanks to their dedication to affordability and convenience. They think that regardless of schedule or financial situation, everyone should have access to healthy food.

“At Pocketfood, we’re dedicated to improving the health and happiness of harried businesspeople and corporate organisations in Africa. Come along with us as we transform the way we eat at work!” People can now use pocketfood’s service by placing their orders online by going to http://bit.ly/Pocketfood.