NASTP Plans To Develop Technology Ecosystem To Grow Private Sector

NICAT shall concentrate on aerospace technologies, high-tech engineering, and deep technologies related to ICT and related domains.

NASTP Plans To Develop Technology Ecosystem To Grow Private Sector

Speaking at the event, ACPPL CEO Air Commodore Dr Liaquatullah Iqbal revealed that the ACPPL is establishing NASTP to promote, form, and develop small to large-sized aviation and space-related enterprises, laboratories, and R&D centers on a national scale.  He also stated that the NICAT will be established at NASTP and will aid in the nurturing and development of Pakistan aerospace related entrepreneurial ecosystem.

NICAT is being established in collaboration with Ignite (the National Technology R&D Fund) and Aviation City Pakistan (ACP), with Ignite funding NICAT, which will be housed within ACP’s newly constructed Alpha Facility at the National Aerospace and Software Technology Park (NASTAP) at Old Chaklala Airport in Rawalpindi.

Under Ayub Ghauri’s vision, this year Nspire applied for and won the bid for the new National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies (NICAT) with its consortium members, PAC Kamra, Air University, and Innovators Garage. In Pakistan, NICAT shall concentrate on aerospace technologies, high-tech engineering, and deep technologies related to ICT and related domains such as cyber security, AR/VR, CnC systems, and so on.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of businesses based on emerging technologies, with a focus on engineering, tourism, education, and social causes.

Nspire is a Netsol incubation initiative founded on the vision of CEO Salim Ghauri and has been formally operating since 2015 to contribute to the development of Pakistan’s technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

An entrepreneurial ecosystem refers to the network of individuals, organizations, and resources that support the development and growth of new and emerging businesses.

Since 2017 Ayub Ghauri ,has led Nspire allowing it to adapt to Pakistan’s rapidly changing landscape. During this time, Nspire has incubated over sixty start-ups, hosted thousands of events and workshops, and built a solid reputation, network, and partnerships both within and outside of Pakistan.

Netsol CEO Salim Ghauri stated at the contract signing last month that NICAT in Pakistan will turn the potential of aerospace and high-tech ICT-related ideas into reality in accordance with national and global needs and trends.

In this digital age, technology and entrepreneurship are critical components of human development. Netsol is a product-based fintech multinational with a premier client base of auto-industry Fortune 500 brands around the world, has been working with emerging founders and technologies for over two decades.

Startups and businesses will be able to build or grow their businesses with the help of allied partners and consortium members. The centre will bring these communities together, provide trainings, access to experts, mentors, and networks, as well as prototyping and testing facilities (including PAC Kamra facilities), and eventually partner with investors.

Asim Shahryar, CEO of Ignite, also emphasized that the global aviation industry is currently valued at around $3.5 trillion, presenting a significant opportunity for Pakistan. During his vision presentation, Ayub Ghauri stated, “We at NETSOL are very excited to lead Aerospace Technology vertical-specific NICAT in the NIC ecosystem.” 

“We will be striving to bring out the best that Pakistan has to offer within aerospace, whether it’s the next generation of drones that enable access to hard-to-reach places, fuel efficiency through aircraft design while reducing carbon emissions, a better user experience through superior simulators, or better luggage and cargo management, etc. We will have an impact on everyone. “Our goal is to go global and fly the green flag in the global aviation arena,” he added.

The Center is nearly finished, and the online application for its first cohort is now open. NICAT will host twenty-five startups for incubation or acceleration each year, and we can all look forward to seeing some very interesting, innovative, and thought-provoking startups come through here.

Imran Jattala, who has been contributing to founders and eco-system development for over a decade and a half. He is supported by the principal advisor, an established veteran in this space, AVM (r) Dr. Asad Ikram, who led PAC Kamra during his service years, and the program director, who is in charge of the implementation team.