NetSol Launches First 3D Version of Pakistan

NETSOL Technologies in collaboration with WRLD has released first 3D version of Pakistan marking it one of the most historical moments.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

NetSol Technologies is an American software house founded in 1997 by a Pakistani-born American, Najeeb Ghauri. The company was officially launched in Pakistan in 2004 and also listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

This is a proud moment for Pakistanis as a global entity  has participated in such wonder creating a 3D version of Pakistan.

The map is created through WRLD, an immersive 3D world to interact and visualize everything on the planet. The 3D version of Pakistan is first of its kind and welcomes many opportunities in which it can be utilized by a huge number of companies.

NetSol recently also announced its Covid aware smart workplace application, NXT. Continuous workforce and pace of working was primarily focused while developing such application. It provided a friendly environment for employees during COVID pandemic ensuring more productivity and less time consuming where workers can communicate in real time around the world.

A similar technology already used jn NXT was utilized to create the 3D rendition of Pakistan that is basically a “Digital Twin” of the country and can possibly make the entire nation “Savvy” because of its capability of IoT connectivity.

The Digital Twin uses geo-spatially precise perceptions of urban areas and a computer-generated layer that associates with the IoT sensors we are surrounded with. It provides its users with continuous data that is updated timely as a user completes a task. This enhances the user experience of the partners using the same application.

There are numerous ways in which the Digital Twins can be used. As all of it is connected through IoT databases, it can be used for garbage disposal services and administrative purposes for keeping an eye on the job that is being performed. This is not just a step of computerizing the world around us but also provides easy solution to the masses using such 3D applications. The travel industry, for instance, can massively profit with this undertaking as the NETSOL group has high quality and assembled probably the most famous structures and landscapes of Pakistan.

CEO WRLD, Faizan Ghauri says, “The big challenge with IoT is that there is a lot of data but very little insight. 99% of the data that is being gathered is in some dark place on cloud or hard drive and it’s not being utilized,”

The 3D map of the country will bring in more opportunities and a wave of technological advancements is soon to be experienced.

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