PITB Chairman stated that system has also been linked to e-Pay Punjab for fee payment, while department has so far collected more than Rs.550 M in revenue.

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), in collaboration with the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department, has registered over 2.6 lakh applicants to obtain attractive vehicle numbers through the e-Auction App and Web Portal since August 2020. This was revealed during a progress review meeting here at Arfa Software Technology Park, which was presided over by PITB Chairman Faisal Yousaf (ASTP).

It was revealed during the meeting that over 1 lakh 74 thousand applications had been approved, with approximately 1 lakh 20 thousand vehicle numbers sold through the system to date.

On this occasion, PITB Chairman Faisal Yousaf stated that the system has also been linked to e-Pay Punjab for fee payment, while the department has so far collected more than Rs. 550 Million in revenue.

According to the chair, the e-Auction App and Web Portal have enabled people to secure attractive car numbers online from the comfort of their own homes.

The system includes auctions for automobiles, motorcycles, and commercial vehicle license plates. The system also displays information about the winning bidders. As part of the package, a tax calculator and vehicle verification service are also available online.

The Punjab Excise and Taxation Department is a government agency responsible for the collection of taxes and fees related to the production, sale, and consumption of goods and services in the Indian state of Punjab. The department is responsible for enforcing laws and regulations related to sales tax, excise tax, luxury tax, and other forms of taxation.

E-auction app and web portal allow users to participate in auctions online. The platform typically includes a mobile app and a website that users can access to view and bid on items up for auction. The e-auction platform may include features such as real-time bidding, automatic bid increments, and notifications for when a user has been outbid. It can be used for various types of auctions, such as real estate, vehicles, art, and more.