PUBGM Shows Large impact On Pakistan eSports Industry

In today’s digital age, where 39% of the world’s population is a gamer, eSports has emerged as one of the most socially interactive sports.

PUBGM Shows Large impact On Pakistan eSports Industry

With the digital revolution sweeping the country, it is clear that Pakistan has no shortage of talent. Growing rapidly over the next few years, eSports has become a popular medium for people of all ages. PUBGM has had a significant impact on the eSports industry in Pakistan in recent years, encouraging a number of dedicated athletes to succeed.

eSports has become one of the most lucrative industries on the planet due to its high revenue potential. This is especially true in the APAC region, where PUBGM was instrumental in establishing the Pakistani sports community. In today’s digital age, where 39% of the world’s population is a gamer, eSports has emerged as one of the most socially interactive sports.

According to Statista, there are approximately 30 million gamers in Pakistan, accounting for 16% of the total population. They are expected to reach 50.9 million by 2026. PUBGM leads the Pakistani gaming market as a mobile-first market, with tournament growth and corporate integration confirming its popularity.

In the modern era, the esports industry in Pakistan has truly changed the way we think about sports. Previously regarded as a waste of time, eSports industry in Pakistan now provides numerous benefits, such as improved reaction time, motor skills, critical thinking, communication, and hand-eye coordination. Traditional sports, on the other hand, emphasise speed, agility, and physical strength, demonstrating that both are beneficial.

PUBGM, a pioneer in the eSports industry, recently received the Esports Mobile Game of the Year Award at the Esports Awards 2022 in Las Vegas and believes that physical sports and eSports are inextricably linked. In addition to being Pakistan’s leading online gaming platform, PUBGM has actively supported both physical sports and eSports in the country.

PUBGM, in keeping with its beliefs, became the official eSports partner of cricket, the country’s most popular sport. PUBGM launched a campaign to support the Pakistan Cricket Team under the slogan “Shaba Pakistan,” a phrase cricketers frequently use to compliment one another’s performance. As part of the Pakistan Super League 2022, the online gaming platform collaborated with Lahore Qalandar.

To get its fans into the spirit of cricket, the gaming platform introduced in-game jerseys with exciting rewards. The collaborations received a lot of attention both online and offline, which pleased both physical and eSport athletes and supporters. It was heightened by the inclusion of a Pakistan Cricket Team jersey in the game, a nod to the country’s fondness for cricket.

PUBGM welcomed the world-famous Argentinian player Lionel Messi, who won the coveted FIFA 2022 World Cup trophy, as their honorary Global Chicken Cup Captain to march into the Global Chicken World Cup.

The collaboration included a one-of-a-kind collection of in-game outfits and other items for PUBGM football fans to show off their sporting prowess on the battlefield. While the World Cup was in full swing, PUBGM players were dominating the Global Chicken World Cup with Messi.

The PUBGM has not only ignited the Pakistani eSports scene but has also contributed to the improvement of Pakistan’s physical sports landscape. PUBGM has organised several championships in recent years to promote and empower Pakistan’s talented youth to participate in eSports. It has also brought to light thousands of committed esports athletes from Pakistan, as well as millions of fans.

In terms of eSports earnings, the country ranks 29th out of 150, with 278 local players earning a total of PKR 1.1 billion. If the right support is provided, mobile games are expected to generate PKR 38.9 billion.

PUBGM recently held a one-of-a-kind eSports event, the PUBG MOBILE Campus Challenge (PMCC), which brought together thousands of students from across the country to compete for a grand prize of PKR 4 million.

On the platform, the PUBG MOBILE National Championship (PMNC) 2022 was held, with 16 teams competing for a prize pool of PKR 6.8 million and qualifying for the PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) Spring 2023.

This demonstrates that when technology and sports combine, a multifaceted sporting universe emerges that caters to both individuals with a digital affinity and individuals with a physical affinity for sports, making sports an enjoyable and accessible experience for a wide range of people.

Each sport has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as well as different skill sets and fitness levels among participants. As a result, it is clear that they are not competing but rather working together to achieve the same goal of improving skills and developing personal abilities.

PUBGM has successfully brought a slew of countries onto the global map of eSports by contributing to the happiness of both sports in a variety of ways.