Emergence of e-sports: Pakistani youth in the digital age

Since its explosion across the country’s socio-cultural landscape over a decade ago, Computer Network Gaming has left a lasting impact on the lives of Pakistani youth growing up in the 21st century. From its earliest beginnings as a small cult phenomenon taking root in seedy internet cafes, network gaming has more or less become the mainstay of how today’s tech savvy youth are expected to socialize and form a healthy hobby around.

Easy to access and with a relatively small

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Top 10 Ways Technology and Sports are the Perfect Training Partners

By Naveed Siraj Country Manager Intel Pakistan

Tablets are replacing clipboards, boundary lines are becoming 3D, and players are now able to give live event commentary via cameras in their helmets.

As we saw during the recently concluded ICC Cricket Worldcup 2015,technology and sport are increasingly forming a powerful union transforming the viewing experience of sports lovers across the world. In fact, this union is reinventing how we train, watch, and play our favorite games.

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PTCL patronises schools sports gala

STAFF REPORT IBD: As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, the PTCL has sponsored the sports day at Kainat Public School, Islamabad.The PTCL sponsored the event in order to spread awareness about the importance of extracurricular and sporting activities amongst the youth. The event provided a tremendous opportunity to the youth to showcase their skills and talents through Football and Cricket Matches, Skits, Quiz shows and Art Competitions."Positive entertainment

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