Continuing with its mission to enable digital prosperity for all, the Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO), a global multilateral based in Saudi Arabia, has welcomed National University of Science & Technology (NUST) as an official observer into its organisation.

The announcement builds on the inaugural visit of DCO’s Secretary General to Pakistan in November 2021, and will augur well for expanding the DCO’s capability to empower youth while contributing to the digital economy. The DCO, with its focus on digital economy initiatives supporting the youth, entrepreneurs and women globally, will work with NUST to foster research and innovation capability within Pakistan and other DCO member state countries. The DCO represents over half a billion people, 70% of them being under the age of 35.

Commenting on the new partnership, Lt-Gen Javed Mahmood Bukhari (retd), Rector NUST, said that NUST University is proud to have joined the Digital Cooperation Organisation as a “premier observer.” He further said that NUST has been consistently making conscious efforts to contribute to the economic growth at national and international level.

He asserted that it is our collective responsibility to embrace digital transformation. This transformation was realised in NUST quite early. Consequently, NUST has built the processes and procedures, which steer NUST ecosystem towards digital transformation.

Dr. Khokhar added that the US Department of State has donated four low-cost sensors to NUST under its project by the Duke University, and has also imported Japanese air quality monitors worth around Rs. 50 million. “Two of the sensors were installed at the NUST station and two of them were placed at the Pakistan EPA to get real-time data of 2.5 microns (PM2.5) and analyze the performance of latest technology in air quality monitoring,” he said.

The announcement is in the backdrop of DCO’s ambitious global membership expansion, as leading universities, technology companies and non-profit organisations join DCO to create global digital prosperity.

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