Medical experts disclosed that the new virus Monkey Pox, which was discovered in many other countries of world, is actually modified shape of Chickenpox “Lakra Kakra”.

According to a press release issued here on Tuesday, Principal PGMI Prof Dr Sardar Al-freed Zafar appealed to the health professionals to provide awareness regarding precautions about this virus, so that the citizens could not afraid about it.

Medical experts Dr Irfan Malik, Dr Laila Shafiq and Dr Abdul Aziz told about the symptoms of virus, which initially include red spots on the patient’s body, high fever, headache, feeling tired and loss of appetite. They said that patients who already have a chronic disease, heart or respiratory problem could be caught by this epidemic more quickly as they are more affected by the complications of “Lakra Kakra”. Doctors further said that Lakra Kakra is an epidemic caused by a virus, which can easily affect people in case of mutations and problems in the immune system.

Prof. Al-freed said that chickenpox is a contagious disease which causes itching and red marks on the body and the infected person coughs, sneezes and eats his food and drink. It is transmitted to others by interaction and the real cause of Monkey Pox is the spread of pimples of chickenpox, which can spread to others. He further said that this disease is commonly called pediatric one as it usually affects all people under ten years of age. However, this disease can also affect adults whose immune system is not so strong. Moreover missing of vaccine in the childhood can also lead to chickenpox, which can ultimately result, into Monkey Pox.

Prof. Al-freed Zafar said that in this disease, red rashes form on the body with itching, which take the form of pus-filled blisters and gradually these rashes dry up and become scabs for which smallpox vaccination in childhood is very effective and one can stay safe from this disease. Principal PGMI highlighted that after the initial effects of the disease for two days, there may be complaints of pain in the body, swelling in the bones.

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