Pakistan Businesses Forum (PBF) president Mian Usman Zulfiqar has urged the provincial governments to play their role for saving water for agriculture and said the agriculturists have to shift to modern irrigation technology inclusive of drip and sprinkle irrigation.

Many superior international locations had been using those strategies for years as they have proved to be pretty powerful and use less water. He said the World Bank has mentioned that climate induced disasters were causing 4-6 percent of the country’s GDP which was a huge sum that needed to be preserved through timely interventions. He said the developed world has done injustice and ignored the third world particularly Pakistan that as bearing the burden of their environment damaging development.

Zulfiqar stated that plantation has become essential, however, now no longer the best strategy to address the whooping affects of worldwide warming and water saving , adding “Adaptation is likewise essential to be spearheaded on the character and network stages and create focus a number of the hundreds to address worldwide warming”. PBF chief also said the country also needed to focus on energy transition to clean energy mix. Pakistan needs to employ smarter and less water-intensive practices. The country has seen its fair share of supply-side measures such as building mega hydro projects and dams. The focus of the future reforms however should be on improving water use efficiency especially in the agriculture sector which continues to be the largest consumer of water while escaping taxation He demanded Climate Change Ministry to enticing with the corporate sector to shun the usage of plastic luggage and shift over renewable green alternatives.

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