Indonesia Initiates Digital Era is fast approaching, stakeholders are turning their attention to increasing the competency of digital talents, especially in anticipating the demand for 9 million digital talents needed by Indonesia in 2035. These talents are needed to achieve Indonesia’s vision of becoming a global digital economy superpower by 2045.

To anticipate the demand and answer adjacent issues, such as the gap between quality of talents and industry qualifications, Kedaireka as part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Technology continues to present collaborative programs together with the industry and technology developers. Most recently, it has held a training program with world-renowned ICT solutions provider Huawei.

In its collaboration with Huawei, the ICT training program takes advantage of the facilities provided by Huawei Asean Academy Indonesia, which has the most complete facilities for transfer-of-knowledge and transfer-of-technology in the Asia Pacific region a new Digital Era. The collaboration between Kedaireka and Huawei is proof of both parties’ seriousness – government and Huawei – in building a multiple-helix synergy for the purpose of preparing skilled, industry-qualified digital talents and contribute to the reduction of Indonesian unemployed figures in the Indonesia Initiates Digital Era.

The series of ICT trainings are part of Huawei Indonesia’s collaboration with the Directorate General of Higher Education (Dirjen DIKTI).

Previously, the Directorate General of Higher Education (Dirjen DIKTI) and Huawei Indonesia had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) back in October 2019. Through the MoU, Huawei Indonesia is committed to providing e-learning platform solutions for universities to help prepare talents.

Education, Culture, Research and Technology Minister Nadiem Makarim, revealed that Kedaireka Academy was built upon the foundations of the Kampus Merdeka vision. Kedaireka is expected to become the fertile soil where skilled, competent, and qualified Indonesian talents are cultivated by education and industry. In addition, Kedaireka Academy also opens up opportunities for the industry to explore the new ideas needed to develop useful, innovative solutions.

“For the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, digital technologies are a stepping stone to the future, which in turn are integral to the Kampus Merdeka vision. To that end, the various platforms developed by the Ministry, including the Kedaireka platform that serves to connect education and industry, focuses on giving rise to creative digital talents who are also ready to innovate. Indonesia’s growth will be highly dependent on each stakeholder’s collective willingness, in this case between government and the private sector, including with Huawei Indonesia,” Nadiem said.

Presidential Staff Head Moeldoko also delivered his appreciation for the Huawei Asean Academy in new Digital Era. This program has become one of the important components in embracing talent in the field of digital technology.

“Human resource development has become a national development priority under President Joko Widodo. The Presidential Staff Office has a mandate to develop National Talent Management. Human resources who master advanced technology are the key in achieving national development targets, so that Indonesia is able to become a sovereign country in the field of technology and become a producer on a national and international scale. The synergy of all parties, including from industry, is a strong foundation for achieving the vision of Indonesia Emas and making Indonesia one of the world’s economic powers in 2045,” Moeldoko said.

Moeldoko continued, the involvement of the private sector is very much needed in developing Indonesia’s digital HR competencies. This step addresses the need for skilled workers in the industrial era 4.0 to replace skills that are no longer relevant.

“We hope that Huawei Asean Academy will produce local human resources who master the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud, 5G, to big data,” Moeldoko said.

“The key is Innovate or Die!” he added.

Indonesian Ambassador to China and Mongolia Djauhari Oratmangun, said that in recent a state address delivered on August 16, President Joko Widodo revealed talent development still remains a government priority to move towards a developed Indonesia, in addition to solving the ongoing health issue.

According to Djauhari, the Merdeka Belajar program will continue to accelerate the synergy between education and industry as well as entrepreneurship development in Digital Era. Hopefully, these may accelerate and improve the quality of national human resources and raise industries’ competitiveness as a whole.

“Kedaireka was initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research and Technology and its collaboration with Huawei is a fulfillment of the state address delivered by President Joko Widodo. So is Huawei’s commitment towards helping develop digital talents and sustainable development in Indonesia for the common good, as was written in Huawei’s motto ‘together we build a fully connected, intelligent world.’,” Djauhari said.

“We appreciate the collaboration between Huawei and Kedaireka as well as with other stakeholders in Indonesia, signifying its contribution towards supporting the government’s missions and focus,” he added.

The multiple-helix synergy involving government, academia, industry, and entire stakeholders should also open its doors to international partners.

“Globalization offers even more opportunities to learn from other countries in the world, including China, represented by Huawei. As we know, China not only plays an important role in the international technology landscape, but also recovered quickly from the socioeconomic shocks created by the Covid-19 pandemic,” Djauhari said.

Huawei’s Continued Commitment to Support Competency Development of ICT talents

The ICT training program held together with Kedaireka is part of Huawei’s long-term commitment towards talent development in this field as Digital Era. Huawei has consistently held these transfer-of-knowledge and transfer-of-technology programs since its arrival in Indonesia over 21 years ago as Indonesia Initiates Digital Era.

“Kedaireka Academy’s vision and mission are very much in line with Huawei’s, especially with regard to preparing 100 thousand capable ICT talents within the next five years. To that end, we enthusiastically welcome this collaboration and we are committed to share our knowledge of the most advanced technologies: cloud, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, machine learning, and 5G. We will also provide case studies that will help the education sector understand what the industry really needs as well as the human resources qualifications required,” said Jacky Chen, CEO, Huawei Indonesia Initiates Digital Era.

Jacky added, “With the most complete facilities in Asia Pacific, Huawei Asean Academy is ready to provide optimal support for these trainings. Huawei Asean Academy Jakarta has over 100 trainers, over 3 thousand training courses, and over 100 mirroring environments equipped with laboratories, classrooms, training facilities, and other facilities where students can learn hardware installation and fieldwork. We are opening our doors as widely as possible to DIKTI personnel and students to study the latest developments in Digital Era technology at Huawei Asean Academy Jakarta.”

Source Jakarta News

By Arsalan Ahmad

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