Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics is the study of motion of atoms, molecules and subatomic particles. This new field is considering to be the most Advanced Technology,

By Arsalan Ahmad

This new field is considering to be the most Advanced Technology, man ever experienced. Just an example, anyone wants to interrupt his arm tomorrow afternoon; and it would not be working from today morning. Is it possible? In short, this question makes no sense. It is because these are always preceding effects. But this is not quite so straightforward for a photon; within the subatomic regime. Where the laws of physics make seemingly impossible feats routine, the single object that is beyond being fade might be true.

Quantum Physics

At present, no one is talking about time travel. Which is seeming anything aside from fantasy, if the physicists going back to the longer-term with retro-causality can make it happen, the intimation would be almost as mind-boggling in few years. Scientists are not able to elaborate the irregularities apparently deep-rooted into the quantum world. In future, this milestone shall finally align researchers to Einstein’s ideas. The achievement has dodged the scientific world for many years. Matthew Leifer at Chapman University once said, “If you allow retro-causality, it’s possible to attain a theory of reality that’s more compatible with many things that we expect should be true”.

The Emergence of Quantum Technology

The emergence of quantum mechanics in computing technology seems now limitless. This involves faster internet searching, quick financial data analysis, better weather prediction, analyzing cancer drugs, novel materials, and lots more. But we’re far away yet.

Focusing specifically only on computing can’t accelerate the dawn of quantum dominancy in the world. Basically, the tantalizing impact on the future is; when quantum computers excel those traditional computers in terms of computation with viable importance. This aspect will come only from wide-spectrum R&D to understand fundamental quantum physics, materials engineering, computing, informatics and computer engineering, and other interdisciplinary fields.

The best approach puts science first. Therefore, solving basic science problems in quantum mechanics and considering all scientific complexities will lay the inspiration for a path of future quantum technology. This enables transformative scientific and industrial progress in major fields. And without any lie, this emerging technology is going to be a driving force in industrial advancement, the economy, and even national security.

Why does anyone need a Quantum Computer?

Driven by the vow of advanced technologies, which will deliver welfare for all of society, nations around the world support heavily in this field. When it involves quantum computing, not a single person wants to omit it. This desire is triggering magnificently worldwide among many races.

A normal computer handles only digital bits of 0s and 1s. While quantum computers use quantum bits or qubits; which may take any value between 0 and 1. For example, if someone entangles the qubits, then anyone is able to solve problems that traditional computers cannot do. In the near future, Q. Computer will be able to crack today’s conventional security systems e.g. a 128-bit Encryption within nano-seconds. This is more surprising that even today the simplest supercomputer would take many years trying to do a similar job. Quantum Technology is the new normal near to come in our lives.

By Arsalan Ahmad

Arsalan Ahmad is a Research Engineer working on 2-D Materials, graduated from the Institute of Advanced Materials, Bahaudin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan.LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arsalanahmad-materialsresearchengr/