The current course of Diploma of Associate Engineers (DAE) was started in the 1950s. This Diploma received a lot of need and importance in the field of engineering, but now the current syllabus of DAE is proving to be inadequate by joining the highest education and information technology courses of the new scientific era.

By  Ubaid-ur-rehman pirzada

The Performance of Associate Engineer is a need to modify the current course for development and modern requirements of the present, so DAE courses amend with new scientific and degree level engineering. The engineering sciences articles should be upgraded according to the world standard, as other government employees’ pay scales have been upgraded from time to time, as well as the basic educational qualifications of their designations have been upgraded. Whenever the government made a committee to upgrade the Diploma Engineer’s cadres on the insistence and protest of the Diploma Engineers, the commitment was established due to inadequate technical studies. Urdu system education and education level intermediate/diploma is unable to reach any effective decision or result.

As for the diploma engineer, admission to BSc Engineering has also been almost impossible for them. BS Technology courses have also been started, but these courses have not been able to include them in the engineering stream, nor have they been able to make a valuable development based on these courses. It could be because the diploma engineer does not have access to the PEC, due to which his efforts and technical skills and research are not counted in any category. It is necessary that Diploma of Associate Engineering courses must be upgraded to new requirements and international standards so that diploma engineers can also have higher educational qualifications and opportunities for development. It is reported that the present three years DAE courses can be replaced with the Four years  Associate degree (in engineering). This can meet modern engineering requirements and domestic needs. This could include 4-year programs that have 2 parts and 8 semesters. The first part, consisting of 2 years and 4 semesters, should include basic engineering syllabus and computer sciences  with the necessary FSc subjects. Thus, all the engineering subjects included in the second part of the semester should be upgraded to a degree level. This can result in completion of 70-year-old courses and fulfill modern engineering requirements, thus an associate engineer will be able to get more qualified and become an AD-E degree holder. PEC Associate Members will also be able to make a 4-year Degree AD program which will be after matric. Guidance and counselling can be obtained from HEC linked NQF and TEVTA.

By completing a 4-year educational course AD-E, students can get a lot of benefit from  the country and overseas Pakistanis will be able to serve better. This advice can be useful for engineering, technology field and students’ success and development. Thus, this program needs more consideration.