The renowned game Mini Militia Mod APKis a Multiplayer game which can be played by 6 players at a time and the last survivor is declared as a winner. The game is being played for so many years and developed frequently.In new updates Mini Militia Unlimited Money has been upgraded with new features .This game is now ruling on millions of hearts .Now this is available on APK versions too.


If you want to know more details about this Mod APK then do read ahead in this article. This is an exciting and fun game. You can play this game with your friends and you can play in both online and offline mode. The game is in 3D format so that you can play it easily on any phone without lag. This game is offered by MiniClips.

Key features of the latest version

The key features of the latest and upgraded version are following

  • Online multiplayer with up to 6 players
  • Dual stick shooting controls with jetpack flight
  • More than 20 maps to play
  • Modern and wide range weapons
  • Offline survival mode

Pros and Cons of Mini Militia Mod

So let’s talk about pros and cons ,

  • Graphics are excellent
  • No lag issue
  • No ban issue
  • Premium Items unlocked

How to play

Mini Militia god Mod Apk is an addicting android game in which you can host 6 online gamers or 12 local gamers with the help of local networks to play and fight with each other. you have a variety of guns and weapons that you can use to conquer your enemy.If you love military actions in the games and shooting games then mini militia is the best game foryou . This game is popular among teens and adults and this game achieved this goal in a very short time. In this game last survivor is always the winner

In the beginning of the game, the avatar lands safely with a gun and grenades. You and your enemy play the game for 6 and a half minutes and you have to kill your enemy in that span of time.  This game have very easy and simple controls. If you are playing with your friends then you will definitely need internet for this and if you want to play solo match or offline mode then you can play it without internet.

How to download Mini Militia

You can easily download this game from play store or App store with the keyword Mini Militia.

These are the following steps to download Mini Militia MOD APK

  • You have to first uninstall the previously downloaded and installed version of Mini Militia before downloading this version
  • After uninstalling the previous version you can download latest version of Mini Militia Old Version.
  • The process of downloading Militia Apkmust have started now
  • First you have to allow permissions and follow the steps to install successfully
  • That’s it for downloading and installing the APK, and you can now enjoy and use the Mini Militia with all fantastic features

Solo play in Mini Militia

In solo play, you have two different options. Training and survival are to modes to train yourself. These are actually to teach and train you about controls and how to aim and how to use the guns.


Training mode is basically to train you about controls and how to kill your enemies in the game. In the training mode,you have guns and weapons and you also have grenades to use. This mode is made for the beginners to learn about how to play the game and how controls work.


Survival mode is the solo mode in which you have to choose a good pair of guns for shooting and you have to shoot bots to get trained. Survival mode is the most addicting mode ever. The players appreciated this mode of the game and rated well.


Mini Militia Hack Downloadis undoubtedly one of the most popular and beloved online gaming platform which is played by number of players. Popularity of this game is increasing day by day and this game is being improved day by day with new features. This APK will bring you the best experience .Along with downloading steps and installing the game this is very easy to use in all ways. The article has provided with a list of all the features and steps.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do game Crashes after some time of gameplay?

I have played thisamazing Gamecontinuously for 1 hour and my game never crashes even for a single time.This is a great experience without crashes

Is this safe to use?

I am playing this game for a long time and I feel it very safe. This is 100% secure and there is no chance of getting hacked using this Mini Militia Mod APK.