PS5 Steam Lunar New Year Sale: When Is The Next Games Sale 2021?

Is Getting Ready For The Chinese Lunar New Year By Announcing That They Will Have A Sale On February 12, 2021

PS5 Steam Lunar New Year Sale: When Is The Next Games Sale 2021?
By Sieeka Khan

Steam, a a video game digital distribution service under Valve, is getting ready for the Chinese Lunar New Year by announcing that they will have a sale on February 12, 2021. From the SteamDB platform, they posted on their Twitter account that these types of offers will be available from February 11 to February 15

Lunar New Year sales

As pointed out from SteamDB, the date of the sale was announced thanks to a developer who received an email from Valve. The email continued this information about the sale and it is important to take note that the company never announces these types of dates in such anticipation. Because of this announcement, many are speculating that Steam may offer the most sought after console, the PS5 or at least the games that you can play on a PS5. Although the details were not laid out and these are jus assumptions made by netizens. There are numerous waves of offers that Steam organizes every year, and even though those dedicated to the Lunar New Year are not among the most famous, Steam have always featured games and content that are created by Asian and Chinese developers. So if you wish to grab a Chinese game, then you may be able to get one at a great price starting February 11.

Chinse New Year deals

For the Chinese, the year begins after they celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year and in 2021, it falls on February 12. Also called the spring festival, according to the Chinese horoscope, the year 2021 is the year of the Ox. The celebration is the followed both in mainland China as in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao and in many of the countries near China such as South Korea and Singapore. Meanwhile, Steam was able to reach a record-breaking number of players last year, with more than 120 million active users all gathered on Valve’s video game digital platform. The company admits that the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic have helped them reach this massive figure. They stated that the time spent playing video games increased when people were forced to stay at home for months, thus increasing the number of customers who purchased and played games on their platform.

PS5 update

On January 15, the Sony Rewards Store had PS5 consoles available but unfortunately all consoles have sold out. However, other retailers have had PS5 consoles just this week and even though they are currently sold out, it is notable that stocks have been frequent this month. This means that Sony is slowly picking up the pace when it comes to restocking, and are probably doubling the production of PS5 due to the demand. As for the retailers, the PS5 at Sony Rewards cost $569 with 2 controllers. Fans are debating if Target will restock next week, but there have been no update yet, according to TechRadar. As for Best Buy, Amazon, GameSpot and eBay, there have been no update regarding the console yet. But retailers are urging the public to keep an eye on their official websites in case stocks become available.

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