Apple Has Announces Some Of The Projects That It Will Support As Part Of Its Initiative For Equality And Racial Justice.

Just yesterday, we shared with you the news that Apple was preparing a really important announcement for today. So, not much was known other than the way this announcement would be made, as part of the programming of the American channel CBS. However, the big surprise that the company had in store is here. The Propel Center, a future learning center for developers.

As they themselves anticipated, it is not a product. It is something much better, with the potential to transform society. Specifically, Apple Has Announced Some Of The Projects That It Will Support As Part Of Its Initiative For Equality And Racial Justice (REJI, from its acronym in English).

These projects, which are possible thanks to a $ 100 million fund created by Apple for the cause, they are primarily focused on education. The most interesting of these is the Propel Center, which will be located in Atlanta, a global innovation center that will function as an Apple Developer Academy, and that will serve as a shuttle for entrepreneurs from racialized communities.

Other initiatives that will have an investment by this fund are: a new Apple Developer Academy in Detroit, joint investments with Harlem Capital worth 10 million dollars, and with the Siebert Williams Shank Clear Vision Impact fund. They will also collaborate with The King Center, where the teachings bequeathed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

All of this is as much a part of Apple as the company’s own products and services do. The Cupertino company has always been recognized for contribute to various social causes, especially when it comes to equality, supporting movements of all kinds in a multitude of ways.

This news was originally published at Explica.