Zoom has been in the news since the pandemic started and they know already that their popularity will start to fade when the world will start to move towards the normal days of students attending schools and people going back to their offices. To stick around even after the pandemic, in recent reports, Zoom has decided to launch their own email service with a matching calendar app.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

When the world economy was collapsing, Zoom was having the best year revenue wise. But as the Covid-19 vaccine is on its way to many countries of the world, the company is quite worried about its future. Users might be experiencing the “next generation” email technology in Q1 2021 but, the calendar app may take some time. Zoom hopes to create a digital ecosystem where users will be experiencing video calls, emails, and productivity tools like messaging working together on a single platform.

Prominent competitors of the video-conferencing app have a backup for its future. Microsoft and Google have secured their futures through other apps and services like emails and calendars will give Zoom a reason to stick around after the pandemic is over.


Competing against pioneers like Gmail and Outlook may become challenging for Zoom. Both the platforms have massive user bases and tight integration with a host of the other services and constructing such a complex algorithm that is expected to win over these giants might be a problem for the company.

Zoom has earned importance among the people in the time of pandemic but the company being able to win people over its email and calendar services is quite questionable. The company hasn’t decided to disclose the matter and refused to comment on it.