One of the most popular video conferencing platforms is Zoom. It’s the most commonly used for a lot of online classes and meetings because it gives clear voice and video calls with the feature of a person’s screen lighting up whenever he or she talks.

Technology has improved so much, especially in more recent years. With the help of the internet, you can now contact people from all around the world. This is very helpful especially in this time when everyone is advised to stay at home and practice social distancing. Not only is this safer, but it’s also more convenient rather than going to and from meetings and at home. All you need is a working laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and a good internet connection. The need for video conferencing has become more prominent nowadays because online classes and office meetings rely on it.

Zoom alternatives

One of the most popular video conferencing platforms is Zoom. It’s the most commonly used for a lot of online classes and meetings because it gives clear voice and video calls with the feature of a person’s screen lighting up whenever he or she talks. But recently, there have been some privacy issues put into light with Zoom. With this, new developments of the platform have been put to halt by the company. Other than privacy issues, there may be times that you really need alternatives, just in case something goes wrong with Zoom. So, in this article, we want to give you our top six picks on the best Zoom alternative that can provide you with great quality video conferencing. If you want to find out more, then keep on reading.

Skype Meet Now

Skype Meet Now provides easy conference calls without the need to register or download an additional app. You can easily access it with a web browser. Skype is a Microsoft platform that’s been used since 2003. It gives high-quality audio and video calls. Because of its success, it has now developed Skype Meet Now which addresses the need for video conferencing. Other than the existing features that Skype already has, Meet Now has other things to offer that can be very helpful and useful for your video conferencing needs. Holding meetings is easy just by choosing the “Meet Now” button or on the “create a meeting” tab. You can add participants who don’t have a Skype account to join meetings without hassle.

Google Meet

If you’re familiar with Google Hangouts, then you’d already know that it’s free and easy to use. Their video chat can accommodate 10 people. And screen sharing and text chat is also available. But for professional video conferencing, Google Meet is the best way to go. You can include up to 100 participants in the video chat, which is the most suitable for bigger classes and meetings. What’s great is that any user with a Gmail account can access Google Meet. But the advantage of having G Suite is that it gives free access to advanced Google Meet features like capacity, live streaming (until the 30th of September), and recording. However, you’ll be happy to know that unlimited calls are available at any time.


Discord was originally created for the gaming community, but since it’s become mainstream with over 250 million users, it now caters to other global communities such as creators, hobbyists, and more! Other than being able to hold video calls, text, and chat, you can find other users with the same interests as yours. It has truly expanded its features and have been used by many users not just for gaming. It’s a great tool to hold online classes and meetings which doesn’t require much data or internet consumption to properly function.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is a great online tool to create meetings. It’s relatively new compared to Soom, but it’s creating its own niche as a platform that is open-source. You don’t need to register to start online meetings. All you need to do is click “Go” and you’re basically good to go! You can add up to 75 participants in the meeting. And it has all the features you can use for video conferencing, including public and private chat, session recording, background blur and so much more! You can also integrate this app with YouTube Live streaming, Office 365, Slack, and Google Calendar which can be very useful. Jitsi meet is conveniently available on both iOS and Android and any web browser.


One of the easiest video conferencing apps to set up is Talky. You don’t need to download anything or sign-up, or even make payments to use this nifty platform. But you have to know that Talky can only work with small teams of six participants. It only has basic video conferencing features with locked rooms and screen sharing, but it will also give you fast and easy video calls. It also provides users with on-demand support since it offers WebRTC consulting. Playing games is also a feature that Talky has, which allows participants to have fun while video conferencing. Unlike Zoom and many other apps, this feature is unique to Talky.


Highfive is also another great Zoom alternative. It’s won several awards such as the 2019 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. There are no additional downloads or pin codes needed to hold meetings on this platform. The set-up and management of meetings are very easy, and audio and video quality are astounding thanks to the HD camera and Dolby Voice-powered audio features. It also has Cloud software for access. All those and the platform’s intuitive design and comprehensive functionalities are enough reasons for you to try it out.

And those are our top six picks on the best Zoom alternatives. Whether the privacy issues of Zoom bother you, or you just need other alternatives that are helpful in case you’re having trouble with video conferencing, we hope this article helps you out. It’s always good to have a backup in case something happens. There are many ways you can do video conferencing, but the ones we’ve mentioned are your best bets if you want high quality video conferencing with other added features. Try these Zoom alternatives out for yourself and you’ll have no worries when it comes to your online classes or other meetings!