The zoom to maintain its lead by introducing two new more traditional services with the development of email and a calendar.

In 2020, the Zoom platform has made a mark for itself in the midst of the global health crisis by establishing itself as an essential service. The American company wants to maintain this lead by diversifying its offer thanks to new email and calendar services. Will such additions be necessary to retain its competitive edge in 2021?

The videoconferencing platform has seen its turnover multiply during the health crisis, an economic breakthrough that has popularized the Zoom application worldwide. However, leading the race has its drawbacks, since to remain relevant, the platform must already think about the post-COVID-19 future. This is what the media outlet The Information outlined when it indicated that the American company is already working on two new more traditional services with the development of email and a calendar.

According to this information, Zoom could test the email service as early as 2021 while the calendar could come later. At the moment, there is no indication whether development has even started yet, said The Verge. With these additional services, Zoom is obviously keen to position itself as a serious competitor to Microsoft and Google. They already offer the same services combined with videoconferencing with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

An ingenious idea on the part of the American company, which is therefore already considering the post-pandemic period. With vaccination campaigns against COVID-19 underway, a return to (almost) normal is taking shape, which could on the one hand mitigate the need to be constantly working from home and the use of videoconferencing. These new services could allow the application to no longer be limited to a single mission, that of videoconferencing, and therefore expand to attract other users.

Zoom has not commented on this information at this time.

Originally Published at Inquirer.Net