Top 6 Software That Video Makers Should Use For Editing Their Videos

There are video makers who do not find time to relax until they transform their content into a marvelous movie.

Top 6 Software That Video Makers Should Use For Editing Their Videos

There’s always a bit of editing left, even with the perfect videos shot on top quality cameras or smartphones. Of course, there are video makers who do not find time to relax until they transform their content into a marvelous movie.

In that case, they use the best video editing tools. What’s more, they work on adding details and special effects like light savers, animated titles, and explosions only to make their content look more professional and alluring.

Choosing the right editing software is probably the most important thing you need to do to become the next Tommy Wiseau or any other Hollywood director. You know, visual content is fast changing!

Many people are earning good money on social channels like YouTube, creating their own OTT videos, and live streaming on Twitch. So, at present, it has become all the more important to tap in the power of amazing videos to accomplish success in business.

Transform all your raw footage into a splendid masterpiece by using these top 7 video editing tools:

1. Openshot

Beginners who are still having their hands on creating stunning promotional and explainer videos can use Openshot for giving their content the much-required X factor. This video editor works great for editing videos on YouTube.

The easy drag and drop feature of this tool works excellently in making special films and recordings. This amazing tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms caters to experienced and novice video-making enthusiasts.

The advanced timeline of this video maker and editor allows scrolling, panning, snapping, and zooming of the content without any trouble. It even features a plethora of 3D animated subtitles and is thus considered the ultimate tool to give videos the extra special effect they require.

2. CyberLink PowerDirector 18

Highly compatible with Windows, the CyberLink PowerDirector provides a dazzling assortment of advanced and fun video editing attributes. This is easy to use and a stunning editing tool with a completely refreshed interface to make the editing job easy.

With it, the users can change and export video in a common and app-friendly 1:1 ratio. This consumer-based product appeals to some of the most adventurous and creative filmmakers who do not like making any compromises with their content quality.

4K video editing, library preview, and audio scrubbing are some of the most significant features of this editing tool. There are two versions of the app available- the PowerDirector Ultimate and the PowerDirector Ultra.

There is even a free version available, but the paid versions offer unrestricted access to sound clips, backgrounds, and plugins, and 50GB online storage.

3. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is Apple’s well-known video editing tool perfectly suited for professionals looking to blend in video features with a very smooth learning curve for the customers. Boasting of more than 2 million users, this is one of the most advantageous video editing tools for both pros and amateurs.

It features a trackless magnetic timeline and offers a three-pane view considered excellent to be used with dual monitors. Next, users can easily import clips and organize them as roles in the library. These can serve as assets such as voiceovers, videos, titles, music, and effects.

More than 149 special effects that the users can choose once the video creation phase is completed, not to mention 183 animation templates, 100 transitions, and 109 sound effects. You can find a plethora of 3D templates along with lighting effects.

4. InVideo

Boasting a fully customizable interface and drag and drop special video effects, InVideo is one video editing software that will simply make the game easier for you. This best value video editing software comes free of cost while giving users the option of adding more features within affordable rates.

It works on both PCs and Macs and even supports the most discrete AMD GPUs and Nvidia for threaded decoding and rendering. The new light effect of this tool is gaining huge popularity among video makers. That’s because it enables them to play with different lighting effects.

Then there’s the color editing tool that helps the users go for pastel colors in their video content if at all they would like to. For even greater functionality, there is the picture-in-picture support and the option of going for add-on packages that offer special visual effects like 360 video and neon lights.

5. EaseUS Video Editor

This video editor will help you add more features and effects to your already produced videos within just a few seconds. Yes, this editing tool comes from a popular data recovery software producer’s house, which means you can remain assured of getting the best services.

The basic timeline video editing attributes of this editor are very simple. You get to trim, cut, rotate, merge and split content like the other editing software programs. The catch lies in its 50 in-built transition effects and video effects and the ability to change the speed of the shots for accelerated or slo-mo speed.

Then there’s the scope of audio editing as well. Users can narrate over their clips with just one click and keep adding music files to their timeline.

6. Apple iMovie

The crisp performance of this video editing software has helped it create a craving among the masses and specifically, the video makers. The compatibility of this software is also one of its greatest selling points.

It helps you in importing videos, images, and audio from iCloud very easily. Additionally, the users can create preferred slideshows by using this editor. They can even view their projects in real-time on their AppleTV. All this and more comes your way if you are going for Apple iMovie– the best video editing tools right now.

Wrapping Up

Apart from the above 6, there are many video maker software in the market, people generally prefer the above mostly as there are a lot of videos online for help. So, without further delay, have your hands on them today and work wonders for your visual content. This will further give your business a much-required boost.