Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps in 2019

If you’re looking for a photo editing app that is free and more professional than Instagram, look through the following 10 photo editing apps for Android and iPhone that can become your portable free Photoshop alternative.

Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Today almost all people and Insta bloggers edit their pictures on mobile devices. There is a massive amount of image editing applications and they are released daily, so it is quite difficult to decide which one will be the best image editing app for you. Here is a list of 10 most worthy apps in 2019.

1.  Snapseed

Snapseed photo editing

Price: Free


  • Powerful tools, filters
  • Ability to undo any action
  • RAW support
  • Totally free


  • Rare minor bugs when uploading photos from iCloud
  • Small flaws in the interface

Snapseed is a fairly powerful, free application for smartphones and tablets created by Google. It has so many image editing functions and capabilities that it is better to check them out on the relevant store page since the list is really impressive!

If put very briefly, the app offers features required for photo correction – framing, rotating, cropping, applying filters, overlays of text, etc. Speaking about options for Android users, this could be called the best photo editing app to be found on Play Market now. It is equally suitable for simple improvement of selfies or everyday quickly-shot photos, and for professional picture editing on the go.

2.  VSCO

VSCO photo editing app

Price: Free


  • Library is convenient in use
  • The toolkit has everything you need
  • Nice camera app


  • Unstable performance with RAW files
  • The majority of filters require payment

This is a cross-functional photo editing app for Insta bloggers. Regards the image editing capabilities, it offers more than Instagram does but not as much as Snapseed. The main advantage of VSCO is its built-in filters (more than fifty) and working out all aspects of image correction in detail. During its existence, VSCO has been developed and upgraded. Up until now, it remains among the best photo editing apps for mobile photographers. Seeing the #vsco and #vscocam hashtags on Instagram is a common thing. With VSCO settings and film filters, you can achieve almost any effect. You can learn all the functions in a couple of days or use ready-made templates for automatic color correction.

3.  Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe photoshop express photo editing app

Price: Free


  • Access to Creative Cloud
  • Working with CC Libraries
  • Free Photoshop on your phone


  • The image retouching tool doesn’t work well
  • Few camera options, no settings
  • RAW processing needs improvements

Photoshop Express is the most controversial app presented in this article. Since it is an Adobe product and the company has a good reputation in creative industry, much work is done on the app. But at the same time, you can hardly call Ps Express the best photo editing app due to all the issues that you face while using it.

This application, of course, could not be a professional analog of Photoshop. But it is quite suitable for basic image improvement. In the free app version, you can take advantage of 10 frames, 10 filters, exposure, brightness and contrast, saturation and color tones adjustment, and red-eye removal. The major drawback of this photo editor app is its photo editing speed. Each change or press causes a delay of several seconds.

4.  Ribbet

ribbet photo editing app

Price: Free


  • Applies filters almost instantly
  • Well-designed control system
  • The design is stylish


  • High sensitivity of tools
  • Few filters of high quality

This photo editor is definitely worth your attention if you like working with filters. The toolkit of this app is pretty basic and has all the essentials for color correction, basic image editing and filters. Those who have already tried Snapseed will recognize the control gestures and general layout. Swiping sideways activates a tool, up or down selects it.

As for picture editing, you can whiten teeth, remove some skin imperfections or highlight the eyes. If the skin requires more than some mild image editing, the app will not be able to help you with that.

5.  PicsArt Photo & Collage Maker

picsart photo studio app

Price: Free


  • Numerous photo instruments and effects
  • Social community
  • Filters can be adjusted
  • You can layer effects
  • Photo sharing


  • The free version is full of ads
  • Tends to make images too bright
  • Occasionally takes a while to implement changes

The design of the working area is pretty intuitive with settings for transparency level and display of each layer independently. For those who are switching from Photoshop or any other program based on it, this will be the best Android photo editor.

A feature that makes this application unique is the ability to use real-time camera image as a separate layer. It can simplify many tasks because you can make necessary adjustments to the image before you press the shutter and take it. Such a feature opens up new possibilities in making collages, playing with multi-exposures and many other things.

Like in a good photo editing app, there are several presets for color correction similar to Instagram filters and a variety of creative effects. Using the abovementioned built-in camera feature, you can observe how the shot would look with effects and presets in real time. Moreover, you can fix image settings you’re about to take before you actually do.

6.  Enlight Photofox

enlight photofox photo editing app

Price: Free


  • Professional photo editor
  • Layers, RAW support
  • The functionality of Photoshop


  • Too expensive subscription for a regular user

Enlight is a powerful photo editor exclusive for iOS. In 2015, Apple included it in the list of the best applications for photo editing of the year. The process of image editing is very convenient since you can save your photo sessions and return to them again for putting finishing touches or making changes. Having finished all work and being satisfied with the result, you can post it on social media, share in the messenger or via e-mail, show on Instagram directly from the phone.

The latest version of this photo editor app has the function of working with layers. It is a useful tool for combining several images, creating a collage, working with overlays, etc. Each layer can be adjusted individually. Their perspective, shape and size can be transformed, plus you can use them to clear the background.

7.  Afterlight

afterlight photo editing app

Price: $2.99


  • Personal filters are simple to make
  • Available presets are timesaving
  • Collections: Community Filter Sharing
  • You can add text
  • Hues can be adjusted individually


  • Many useless features
  • No options for frames available

Afterlight is one of the best photo editing apps for amateurs, so its interface is clear and logical, not confusing with complex professional terms. The icons of settings are understandable, especially if you have previously used any photo editor on a regular computer. What makes this app stand out is the quality of the color improvement you can perform that is on the same level with Lightroom.

This option is not powerful enough for replacing professional image editing software, but for basic image improvement, this is a great solution. The basic image enhancement needs can fully be satisfied with the available 15 instruments. For instance, the values of contrast, saturation and temperature can be altered. You will also get 23 “film” effects. The variety of frame types should be mentioned too: you are bound to select something that will make even the simplest picture captivating.

Photo Editing Apps for Mac and Windows

Here is a list of 5 best photo editing apps for Mac  and Microsoft which can be found for free and securely downloaded from official stores.

8.  Polarr

polarr photo editing app

Price: Free


  • RAW import from a camera
  • A variety of settings for regulating lighting and color
  • Clear interface optimized for touchscreens
  • Gradient masks
  • A selection of filters, custom included


  • No options for organization or sharing
  • Bokeh and tilt-shift effects are absent
  • Limited sharing possibilities

This photo editing app is very similar to the Lr Develop Module, copying many of the functions with only a cleaner, more organized interface. It can process JPEGs and also RAWs but when you see how fast it works, you will no longer consider it is identical to Lightroom. If you’re using Apple’s Photos app, you will be glad to see that it can serve as an extension.

Using the photo editing app on its own, you will need to import images. It will appear on the film strip at the lower part of the screen allowing you to select a shot for further improvement. Those tools would basically be identical to Lightroom presets as they record the combinations of settings applied to them. Launching the app as Photos’ extension, you will see it acting similarly to any other one, opening the images still in the latter but editing already in Polarr.

9.  Photoscape X

photoscape photo editing app

Price: Free


  • Up-to-date interface
  • Wide selection of effects and stickers
  • Lots of extra features (catalog, GIF, collages, etc.)
  • The website provides video tutorials and written instructions


  • Limitations in the free version
  • RAM demanding

This app is very simple in use, especially due to an intuitive layout. This is a good program giving you access to the most basic and required instruments – cropping, resizing, color correction, GIF animation and print. There is a number of additional functions, like an image viewer, a tool for capturing the screen, batch editing, plus some filters and effects.

It is the best photo editor app due to its remarkable toolkit. Every instrument has a useful label making its functions understandable. It is an incredible combination of simplicity appealing to beginners and power suitable for professionals. All you need is to play with the instruments and turn your photo into a flawless image. If anything goes wrong, you can always trust the undo feature to bring you one or several steps back.

10.  Pixelmator

pixelmator photo editing app

Price: $29.99


  • Quick selection and recovery tools
  • Apple Core ML toolkit
  • Flexible when working with RAW


  • The dark interface may be inconvenient
  • Not all features are highly flexible in use
  • Limited ability to export data from other editors

 This app is among the most favored Mac applications for photo editing, offering great photo editing work for its money. With the number of features that you’re getting for a relatively small fee, this is a worthy substitution for Photoshop. The interface, though, fits perfectly into the MacOS layout and aesthetics. A big advantage is that everything is kept more simple than in Adobe products so that beginners and amateurs can feel comfortable working in the program.

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