Srha and Rabya — two popular Pakistani YouTubers who may look like sisters but aren’t in real life — talked about their passion for dancing, their unique YouTube channel and the popularity that came with it.

Srha Asghar and Rabya Kulsoom, who have also worked in the drama industry, shared their experience of trying a new craft with the launch of their YouTube channel Danceography Srha X Rabyay – that has now over 170,000 subscribers.

“The idea dawned upon us when our wardrobe designer enthusiastically asked us to shoot something on the occasion of August 14,” said Srha. “We immediately agreed for the collaboration as we both wanted to shoot something different for Independence Day – especially during the lockdown when there’s nothing much to do at home,” she added.

We decided to choose a song through which viewers can instantly connect, she said, adding that another objective was to project Pakistani culture in the video.

“We picked Haroon’s celebrated sound track Dil Say Pakistan to keep up with the relatability factor and also because of the fondness Pakistanis have for that song,” Asghar explained.

Delving into the process that churned out the interesting video — which has earned over 2.5 million views to date — Kulsoom said the experience was quite enthralling and helped them revive their school memories when Independence Day celebrations were a huge deal for everyone.

“We deliberately kept the steps simple so that young children can learn and incorporate them in their Independence Day dance presentations and tableaus.”

The duo revealed that their passion for dancing and the desire to highlight Pakistan’s culture were the main motivating factors to start a YouTube channel. Srha and Rabya revealed that they selected soundtracks in their videos from Pakistani artists to build up an original feel for the viewers.

Upon asking how they felt after receiving such a huge response, Srha and Rabya said they were quite emotional to receive such a positive feedback from the audience.

“It felt as if our message has been conveyed to our audiences,” Kulsoom remarked.

The article is originally published at Geo TV.