As we all know, YouTube is the second largest search engine which provides a platform for sharing videos. Currently, it has 1.9 billion users per month, and with every passing minute, over 300 hours of video gets uploaded in it. Besides, YouTube has elevated the concept of video blogging into a whole nother level.

There are a lot of video makers for beginners which are easy to use. It is completely natural for teenagers or young adults to look at YouTube as a stage for them to make a mark.

YouTube can bring you a wider reach than other social media platforms. Regular posting of videos can get you the attention of MNCs, which can provide you with more opportunities and help you earn an impressive amount from YouTube.

Here are a few tips that you would need to follow as a beginner while setting up your channel on YouTube:

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1. Purpose of your channel

It is easy to create an account and post your video on YouTube. But nine times out of ten that would get you negative results. The first thing that you need to determine is what kind of content you are going to put forward for the YouTubers.

By doing so, you would be able to set your goals and achieve them one at a time.

2. Keywords

Just like other SEOs, you should provide your keywords, which would vividly describe your content. Make sure that you do your research on the keyword that you are going to use and look up the analytics of the keywords you want to use.

Keywords help the viewers to find your content on your channel. Don’t be entirely dependent on online tools that help you search for keywords. Use variations in common phrases. This would differentiate your content from others providing content based on similar ideology.

As video search results also appear in Google Ads, do use the keyword searcher in Google Ads while doing your research on keywords.

Adding keywords to your channel would help you to get more viewers and subscribers quickly.

3. Building up your content

Once you get an idea regarding what kind of videos you want to upload and what keywords you will use, start collecting and recording videos for your content.

Use video editing software like VideoCreek. These kinds of software help you to create your content very quickly.

Moreover, don’t make your video too long. Trim off the unnecessary parts. Use transitions to maintain continuity in your videos.

I would suggest that you create enough content (approx. 2 weeks worth). This will help you to upload videos at regular intervals.

Consistently uploading videos on your channel increases the engagement on your channel, and in turn, you get more viewers and subscribers.

4. Creating an account on YouTube

A Gmail account is more than enough for you to sign into YouTube since YouTube is one of the most significant subsidiaries of Google. Once you are signed in on YouTube, you need to select the kind of account you want: business or professional. The difference between the two is that business accounts allow you to create an alternate name for your channel and share it with other Gmail users.

Once you follow the steps that YouTube asks you to follow to get a verified account, you can describe your channel.

Also, you can add a profile picture and a picture as a banner that can be of a maximum of 2560×1440 pixels.

5. Organizing and creating Playlists

When you upload videos on YouTube, they would appear under the videos section. A good content provider also keeps in mind the order in which the videos should look to the YouTubers when then go to your page.

You should set the order of your videos in the decreasing order of the number of views. On the other hand, if you upload your videos in parts, do maintain then order in the way you want the viewers to watch the videos.

Create playlists on your channel. It would help you to provide a collection of videos that you want your viewers to watch. Give the name of the playlist based upon the type of content it has.

6. Optimizing your channel

This is a crucial aspect that every content provider on YouTube must focus on. By Optimization, I mean you need to keep an idea about the watch time, engagement, average watch time, viewer retention, and the number of re-watches.

This would help you make the necessary changes in the videos you upload in the future so that you get better results.


By following the steps mentioned above, I am confident that you will be able to achieve fruitful results from your channel. I hope this will make your work a bit easier, and you will enjoy your time as a content provider on YouTube. Make sure you include YouTube ends screen to your videos. It will help you widen your reach faster.