Industry insider Ross Young has some bad news for Apple fans. He’s got a good track record with its recent predictions and if the latest one comes up true, the iPhone 12 Pro models will miss on a major feature – the 120Hz screen refresh rate.

People in the supply chain say that the 120Hz OLED panels are secured and ready to manufacture but Apple can’t seem to find driver ICs to drive the pixels at 120Hz. And instead of waiting for ICs, the rumors suggest that the company will once again default to the 60Hz refresh rate so it doesn’t push the launch further back.

It may come as a disappointment to some given that the industry has moved ahead and now 120Hz is available on most flagships with some even reaching 144Hz. Would you think less of the next iPhone flagships if they miss out on that? Let us know in the comment section below.

The article is originally published at GSMArena.