iTecknologi Group posts annual revenue of 1 Billion Rupees

July 27, 2020 – iTecknologi Group of Companies has posted an annual revenue of 1 Billion Rupees during the FY 2019-20.

iTecknologi Group posts annual revenue of 1 Billion Rupees

iTecknologi Group posts annual revenue of 1 Billion Rupees : he management lead by the Group Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Salman Hussain, extended their gratitude towards all its personnel, partners, customers and stakeholders for their hard-work, commitment and patronage that resulted in this great success.

Commemorating this milestone, Mr. Salman said, “With the grace of Almighty Allah, we have accomplished a lot within a very short span of time. We owe our success to the untiring efforts and passion of our teams.

This huge milestone has renewed our belief that: Constant innovations and a vision to go beyond our customers’ expectations, with better customer-care and effective solutions, is the only way to excel and become an industry leader.

Today, we have raised the standards of performance for the entire technology industry, as we continue to enrich our products and services with a greater vision.”

iTecknologi is a leading enterprise with more than 700 group employees and 100 partners, achieving robust growth, with pioneering ventures in various commercial sectors, to offer; Asset-Tracking and Security, GIS and Mapping, Internet-of-Things, Software and Automation Solutions.

It has introduced a revolutionary ‘Data on Things’ technology, and is also a leading player in logistics and food industries. For details;

The group companies are operating in six countries – USA, UAE, South Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These include; iTecknologi Asset Tracking and Security, The Coder – Smart-security with invisible & inaudible 4th Gen technologies, iTecknologi Logistics, NorthStar Navigation – Cutting-edge GIS solutions & Mapping.

New York Pizza – high quality food business and CARROS – Fleet-Management & Rent-a-Car services.