Pakistani Three Students Of Madrassa Going to Participate In Istanbul Aerospace Festival

Three madrassa students, Hassan Tayyab, Sheharyar Khan and Talha Farooq, from Bait-us-Salam Talagang in Mianwali have qualified for the final round of the Istanbul Aerospace Festival 2020.

Pakistani Three Students Of Madrassa Going to Participate In Istanbul Aerospace Festival

The boys are O’Level students and have prepared a machine that can climb walls and easily pull out spider webs.

“The machine has sensors installed that can locate the webs, whether they are on the walls, pipes or drains,” Tayyab said on SAMAA TV‘s programme Naya Din on Monday.

Their project was approved and accepted through a two-step procedure.

“In the first step we sent a brief report regarding our project to Turkey which got selected,” Farooq said. “The second step was to send a detailed report of the project that included the machine’s technological specifications, uses, benefits and financial costs,” he explained.

The report then got selected and scored 87 points out of 100, Farooq added.

According to the third member of the team, Sheharyar Khan, their project idea is unique and has never been introduced anywhere in the world before.

The team applied in the category of Technology for Humanity Social-Innovation. The festival’s final round will take place in Turkey from September 22 to 27.

“In each category there were total of 300 teams, and over 20,000 teams participate in the competition from around the world,” Khan said, adding that of these, only 80 qualified for the final round.

The participants have divided the jobs between themselves, Tayyab is responsible for 3-D modelling, Khan looks after all the electric and circuit related issues and solves those while Farooq writes all the reports for the team.

The festival was introduced in 2018 and is organised by the Turkish government. It is a festival of aerospace, technology and aviation.

The team said they are determined to win the competition.

Originally published at Samaa