Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has announced the launch of Customer Support Services in Sindhi Language from its helpline 1218.

The company had initially planned to offer the Sindhi language service earlier; however, the launch was delayed due to COVID-19. PTCL’s philosophy is based on equality and respect for all, while always striving for inclusion of all customers from different ethnicities, race, culture, religion and languages.

Fariha Tahir Shah, PTCL spokesperson, expressed her views, “As a national company, our focus is to serve our customers across Pakistan and we have worked towards the inclusion of people from all segments. Going forward, we will continue to look for similar opportunities to include other regional languages in a systematic way as we respect and own all regional languages. PTCL is determined to provide superior experience and satisfaction to its customers.”

The Sindhi language was already under development but, unfortunately, the deployment got delayed due to the COVID-19 and the strict lockdown that followed in Sindh subsequently. After the launch of the Sindhi language, PTCL is focused on incorporating other regional languages in the near future to ensure their service caters to people throughout the nation. As PTCL adjusts to the ‘new normal’, it is expected that the national telecommunication service provider will keep on exploring new fronts in ‘Information and Communication Technologies’ and dedicate its resources to innovations that will help support the country usher in a new social and economic era as the pandemic continues.