Sony has finally lifted the curtain on its PlayStation 5 console during the big next-gen event this week by unveiling what the system will actually look like.

Prior to the PlayStation 5-focused event, we’d seen nothing on the PlayStation 5’s design aside from some hints at what it might look like based on dev kits and the reveal of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller.

Whether it would actually be revealed or not at the event was the subject of much speculation in the days leading up to the reveal since the first June event was only said to feature games planned for the PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5’s design went against anything people might’ve suspected it would look like. It doesn’t feature the same boxy design that past consoles have and instead sports a futuristic design not unlike the one we saw for the DualSense controller itself.

The reveal of the PlayStation 5 console was accompanied by a showcase of multiple games that’ll be playable on the next-gen console when it releases later this year. Those games themselves had been the topic of countless discussions on social media and in forums while people tried to guess what games would be there based on teasers, leaks, insider information, and anything else people could extract information from.

Now that the PlayStation 5 is actually out there, the comparisons to the Xbox Series X are already underway. Microsoft’s console was revealed months ago since the Xbox company has been more forthcoming with information about its next-gen plans with that console featuring a taller, rectangular design compared to previous Xbox consoles. It’s more like a PC tower than a console, but it can still be oriented in different ways to accommodate the gaming setups people have. You’ll definitely need to make some room for it, however, but considering the specs it’s touting, it seems like that room will be worth it.

Comparisons between the specs of both consoles have also been made several times over in the past, but even though the numbers point to clear wins in different areas, it’s been hard to judge the state of the consoles thus far without actually seeing more of the games played on them. A breakdown of each console’s specs shows how the two stack up against each other, but that of course doesn’t take into account things like exclusive games and services like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

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