Epic Games Accidentally Leaks Next Free Title In Facebook Ad

Epic Games revealed its next mystery free game a day early on Facebook, and seems content to just leave it there.

Epic Games Accidentally Leaks Next Free Title In Facebook Ad

The Epic Games Store has been a great way to build up your PC game library. Since its inception, there have been countless games given away for free, and the amount has only increased over time. This week’s giveaway seems to have been leaked a day early thanks to a Facebook ad.

During the current “Epic Mega Sale” on the store, the following week’s free game has been hidden from users, only revealed the moment it’s available to claim on your account. When the first game turned out to be Grand Theft Auto V, the Epic Games Store went down for hours as people rushed to get it.

While the next giveaway was also supposed to be hidden, a French Epic Games ad on Facebook revealed that it’s going to be ARK: Survival Evolved. Surprisingly, the ad still hasn’t been taken down by Epic Games, so it looks like the company isn’t too bothered by this mistake.

This may be because an image on Reddit that was posted not long after the GTAV giveaway started actually leaked the inclusion of ARK in the sale giveaways already. However, the June 4 date shown ended up being incorrect. This was likely because of the game’s next expansion and anniversary event being delayed by a week due to “the situation in the US, and the rest of the world.”

ARK: Survival Evolved has received many updates and expansions over the years, well after its 1.0 release. Thankfully, the $10 coupons that Epic Games have been giving away during the sale will still be valid until November 1st, so players that enjoy ARK should be able to pick up the expansions at a reduced price.

Another game that is set be given away for free on the Epic Games Store is the Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Collection. This title bundles together seven Samurai Shodown games, one of which being previously unreleased. Once the free period is over, the collection will also be released on Steam, with console versions arriving next month.

After these two giveaways conclude, the weekly giveaways should return to how they were handled previously. That means one or two games a week that are announced beforehand, alongside the occasional bonus freebie.

This news was originally published at thegamer.com