Warframe Deadlock Protocol Update Now Live On PC

After a bit of a delay, Digital Extremes has finally released Warframe Deadlock Protocol update

Warframe Deadlock Protocol Update Now Live On PC

Not only adding new content like the reworked Jackal boss and the Protea Warframe but also the Corpus remaster they’ve been teasing.

While Corpus is getting a shiny new look, players will also be able to find out more about its origins via a new storyline involving a newly discovered heir to the Corpus Founder. While the heir has been discovered, the Solaris are disappearing and it appears the two things may be connected.

The game’s latest reworked boss, the Jackal, can be found on Fossa. This is a mechanical wonder built by the Corpus who spared no expense  all for the sole purpose of taking out Warframes. Players will want a little exprience under their belt before they attempt to take this monstrostity on.

Finally, the latest Warframe, Protea, adds some time-related elements to the game — particularly a “Temporal Anchor” ability that notes the Warframe’s state when dropped and feeds damage done to Protea while it’s active back to the enemy. When deactivated, it “rewinds” Protea restoring all stats.Of course there are plenty of other additions, including new skins, bundles, and the like. All of these can be read about on the Warframe site.

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