PTA directed telecom operators for provision of full services during COVID 19 outbreak

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued various directives to all telecom operators for fully prepared for provision of uninterrupted telecom services to the consumers during COVID 19 outbreak.

PTA directed telecom operators for provision of full services during COVID 19 outbreakPTA also directed that necessary resources should remain available at all levels for smooth functioning of voice/data services and networks.

PTA also emphasizes on all support staff adopting basic preventative measures against COVID 19.

All Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) and Local Loop operators should ensure that customers have access to their services. The CMOs should also coordinate with local authorities for functioning of franchises, top up outlets and communication networks in the affected areas. They should resolve consumer complaints efficiently, with fully equipped teams, and issue awareness messages in national and regional languages, in wake of COVID 19 outbreak threat.

Moreover, federal and provincial governments have been requested to assist communication services providers by ensuring that support staff of all telecommunication companies be facilitated in providing logistics and maintenance services. Alongside this, customer support centers, franchises, retailers be allowed to remain open in case of a lock down for provision of uninterrupted services and support. This will not only facilitate local administrative and health services but also general public to maintain social distancing while performing their essential functions.