No food shortage expected due to Coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan

The Planning Commission confirmed that Pakistan has sufficient stocks of essential items to convene the immediate need so there is no food shortage expected due to Coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan.

No food shortage expected due to Coronavirus outbreak in PakistanThey determined to make all efforts to combat and actively coordinate for necessary emergency funding from both the local and international sources to defend against Coronavirus on livelihoods, jobs, especially the industry.

A special inter-ministerial and inter-provincial meeting for assessing the impact of Coronavirus on Pakistan’s economy was held here under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman Planning Commission (DCPC) Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan.

Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan remarked that government was assessing the socioeconomic impact of Coronavirus on the national economy with the aim to undertake timely interventions to safeguard the economy against the impending effects of Coronavirus.

Representative from the ministry of Commerce said while briefing on the likely impacts of Coronavirus on the national economy that due to the closure of major port operations and retailers globally, reduced global demand was likely to lead to a reduced global economic growth.

Officials from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs informed efforts were being made to ensure uninterrupted port operations for continued supply of food commodities.

Officials from the ministry of National Food Security informed that Pakistan will not face any food shortage as Pakistan has sufficient stocks of essential items to meet the immediate needs. They showed their commitment to ensure the smooth operation of transport and logistics services to keep food prices stable.

Federal Director General Health Dr Shabnum Sarfraz informed that over one million people had been screened so far. The Health Services Academy is currently working on modeling a projection of the estimated extent of the spread of virus in collaboration with international experts.

Member Social Sector, highlighted the need to augment the human resources which is at the forefront of fighting the epidemic. She urged the ministry to engage the medical and nursing students to add to the capacity of the current health staff.

Jahanzeb Khan asked the ministries to provide comprehensive assessment reports on economic impacts of Coronavirus on various sectors of national economy to devise timely government interventions to safeguard jobs and livelihoods of vulnerable sections of society.

Planning Commission would present this before the National Security Council (NSC). He further remarked that the Government is keeping a close eye on the situation and will consider providing an economic emergency bailout to address the likely short to medium term liquidity crunch.