STAFF REPORT IBD: Taking another step forward in being a socially responsible organization, Ufone has recently sponsored the launch of Islamabad Traffic Polices lane discipline campaign in order to educate the drivers about the importance of lane discipline.
At the launch, Ufone helped uplift the face of I-8 Garden Chowk Lane by marking the road lanes with paint, installing sign boards and painting of kerbstones. Ufone has also displayed public service messages regarding lane discipline across major highway routes in the city.
A large number of traffic police volunteers dressed up as cartoon characters and children dressed in fancy costumes were deputed to guide as well as convince the drivers to follow the lane discipline.
Salman Wassay, Chief Commercial Officer at Ufone, and Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone, were also present at the event. They interacted with the children present on the occasion and took part in handing out the information flyers to the general public along with the IG Police Islamabad.
Speaking on the occasion, Salman Wassay said that Ufone was well aware of its social obligation towards the populace and the organization strived to ensure that they supported public service causes such as the lane discipline campaign.

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