All states vulnerable to climate change negativity

STAFF REPORT IBD: All countries are vulnerable to effects of global climate change, as earth continues its warming trend, triggering deep concern, particularly about low-lying states that are most vulnerable.
“There is a need to maintain a rational balance among developed and developing countries and to narrow, as far as possible, all the differences to a reasonable level in the larger interest of equitable progress on the issue climate change,” says the Climate Vulnerability Monitor Report.
It has categorised multiplicity of impacts made by climate change in terms of human health, weather disasters, habitat loss and economic loss in over 170 countries.
The flash floods in Pakistan had devastated, resulting in massive human dislocation, infrastructure and habitat loss, not to speak of destruction of crops, is said to have been an effect of climate change.
According to one estimate, the number of deaths caused by climate-induced natural disasters and diseases has reached 350,000 a year.
According to researchers, if the trend remains unchecked, one million people would likely to die as a result of extreme weather disasters each year beginning from 2030.
The biggest obstacle to consensus on a cut in greenhouse gas emissions and other issues seems to be the propensity among industrialised nations to hold behind-the-scene talks, which compromises transparency, and riles less-developed countries.

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