Morning Exercise; Brainer Booster

Regular morning exercise and physical activity improve the quality of life. It is observed that physical activity play a key role in the body health.

Morning Exercise; Brainer BoosterIntroduction:

Exercise also helps to enhance brain activity. Recent research reveals that the regular aerobic exercise boosts up the size of hippo campus. This is an important part of the brain involved in the learning and verbal memory. Regular morning exercise shows positive effects on the mood, memory, self-esteem. It also increases the ability of the brain to focus and concentrate.


Yoga and strength training reduced the symptoms of depression. Cardiovascular exercise is beneficial for the blood flow that is good for the body and brain activity. According to a report presented by the department of exercise science, briefly exercising for 20 minutes helps in information processing and functions of memory. Also, morning exercise helps directly and indirectly to enhance memory and thinking. Directly benefits of morning exercise come by the reduction of insulin resistance and inflammation. Along with that, it stimulates the growth factors and chemical release in the brain that affect brain cells health. In brain growth of new blood vessels and also plenty and survival of the new brain cells.

Indirectly exercise improve the sleep and mood and reduced the anxiety and stress. Any problem in sleep or increase in stress may lead to cognitive impairment, therefore, exercise helps to improve. Studies reported that the individuals who have the regular exercise they have a greater volume of brain part that is associated with thinking and memory as compared to those who don’t have regular exercise.                

Benefits of Morning exercise

1. It boosts the Energy level

Morning exercise plays a vital role to enhance the energy level. Actually, exercise releasee important chemical in the brain known as endorphins. These chemical level increase during running on the track and helps to increase the energy level. Studies reveal that workout more than 30 minutes increase the energy level and sustained until afternoon.

2. It Can Help in Weight Loss

A number of studies show that less physical activity is the major factor that causes obesity and weight gain. Thus to understand the effect of exercise on the reduction of weight important to know the relationship in the energy expenses and exercise. The body uses energy in way of digesting food, maintenance of exercise and body functions like heartbeat and breathing. By dieting reduced the intake of calorie that lowers the metabolic rate but it delayed the weight loss. While regular exercise increases the metabolic rate, it burns more calories and helps to lose weight. Moreover, studies reveal that the combining of aerobic exercised with resistant training that maximizes the fat loss and maintains the muscle mass that is essential for weight loss. It is critical to supporting the rapid metabolism and burns more calories. It is helpful in weight loss and improves muscle mass.

 3. It Is Good for Muscles and Bones strength

Exercise helps in maintain and build the muscle mass and strong bones. Physical activity like weight lifting stimulates the building of muscle with the suitable of protein intake. in addition to that it also helps to release the specific hormones that enhance the absorbance of amino acids in the muscle that helps in growth and reduction of breakdown. Regular physical activity is important to reduce muscle loss and maintains the strength of muscle with age. Exercise and physical activity help in the building of muscle mass and strengthen the bones and prevent the osteoporosis.

4. It Can Reduce the Risk of Chronic Disease

It is reported that less physical activity is the primary cause of chronic diseases. Regular exercise and physical activity improve the sensitivity of insulin, cardiovascular activity and composition of body. Also decrease the level of blood fat and blood pressure . Physical activity is essential to reduce the belly fat and lowers the risks various developing disease.

5. It Can Help in  Skin Health

Regular exercise and physical activity reduce the oxidative damage and increase the production of natural antioxidant. This phenomenon helps to protect the cells. Because due to less exercise the oxidative stress occurs that damage the internal structure and depreciate the skin. Thus exercise provides the protection of antioxidant and improves the blood flow that protects the skin and delayed the sign of ageing.

6. It Can Help in Brain Health and Memory

Physical activity and exercise improves the functioning of the brain and gives protection to the memory and thinking skills. It increases the heart rate that increases the blood flow and provides plenty of oxygen to the brain. Morning exercise excites the production of the hormone that improves the growth of the brain. Exercise helps to prevent the from the chronic disease that affects the brain function.

7. It Can Help With Relaxation and Sleep Quality

Regular exercise help to relax and better sleep because energy depletion during exercise starts the restorative processes during sleep. Physical activity whether aerobic or with combined aerobic and resistance training that helps in the better sleep. Individual feel more energized during the whole day.

8. It can increase memory

According to a recent report By doing regular morning exercise increase 20 per cent memory as compared to that individual who doesn’t have regular exercise.

Regular morning exercise shows positive effects on the mood, memory, self-esteem and increases the ability of the brain to focus and concentrate

 9. It Can Reduce Pain

Exercise and physical activity helps to reduce the pain and gives relief from chronic pain. A number of studies reveal that exercise helps to reduce the pain associated with several health conditions. For example chronic pain in low back and shoulder and fibromyalgia. It also increases pain tolerance and lowers the perception of pain.


There are a number of reasons that involve not to do workout and exercise in the morning. These reasons can be solved by using alternative methods of workout.


Risk of injury is a major reason that stops to work out in the morning. This may cause a problem if an individual wakeup in the morning and loaded with barbell load on the shoulders.

People Are There

In the early morning when going out to exercise a number of people there that makes uncomfortable and feels hesitation on doing the workout.

Can’t Afford The Gym

The cost of a gym membership is very costly and can not afford everyone. Thus due to expensive membership, a number of people can not join the gym

Don’t like to work out around the opposite sex 

Exercising and workout with the opposite sex is uncomfortable and inadequate

Nap Time Is Lame

Getting up in the early morning is very much effort condenses that may be lethargic as preschooler. Therefore no one wants to like this. So the midday work out energize and make productive when awake.

My Feeding Schedule

Some individual can’t eat in the early morning as they wake up and want to vomit and not to eat. Thus can’t go for a workout with an empty stomach.

 Don’t like to sweat

During the workout, sweating is a way to cool the body and detoxify itself. The production of sweat is associated with number factors. These factors are gender, age, level of fitness, genetics as well as how hard workout you are performing. Exercise does not mean to drip in the sweat. A number of exercises that helps to burn the calories without production of sweating. 


Regular exercise delivers the unbelievable benefits. It improve nearly all aspects of health from the inside and outside. Exercise enhances the hormone production that helps to sleep better and improves the quality of life. It also improves the appearance of skin. Also helps to lose weight as well as provides protection from the chronic disease. In addition to that regular morning exercise shows positive effects on the mood, memory, self-esteem and increases the ability of the brain to focus and concentrate.

Yoga and strength training reduced the symptoms of depression. Cardiovascular exercise is beneficial for the blood flow. This blood flow is good for the body as well as brain activity. It is observed that the fresh morning air as a dose of medicine for us. Morning cool air energizes our body. Lukewarm sunlight gives ample of vitamin-D. Physical activity. While exercise provides immediate and long term health benefits

Authors: Fardos Tanveer1, Zohaib Saleem1, Sana Tariq1

1 Instittute of Pharmacy, Physiology and Pharmacology,

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences,

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan

By Zohaib Saleem

Basically I am a veterinarian completed my DVM from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Currently, I am pursuing my M.Phil in Physiology. My research interest is oncosuppressor genes and bacteriophage therapy.